Ah, the high school yearbook. For seniors, it wraps up four years’ worth of memories and also opens an opportunity to leave messages for friends, teachers, and underclassmen with a personal, handwritten note or in everlasting P-R-I-N-T for all to see.

If you were fortunate enough to attend a school that let you drop a quote along with your senior photo, then you know the many directions that task can take you. We place extra emphasis on the word “many”.

There are deep, reflective messages full of teenage wisdom, those with sentimental tones, and of course, the quintessential inspirational quote. But the ones that really take the school cake are the sarcastic, ironic, hilarious jokes that people will laugh at ten years later.

All the photos below include quotes that have a hint of reflection with a good scoop of funny, and there are some that will make you wonder how they got past the yearbook editors. Hmm.

As you read on, don’t be surprised if some of these former students remind you of yourself or are friends in your head, because we guarantee at least one of these pics is relatable. Be sure to let us know which ones make that cut!

  1. When your dad is the real overachiever in the family. . .

  2. Mom just wasn’t ready for this one. . .

    But the upside is that everyone else in this picture is either mythical or extinct. Who wants this backdrop for their next photo shoot?

  3. 4 Years of Taking the Easy Route

  4. Not sure who questioned him about this, but his mom couldn’t have been too happy. Haaa!

  5. When Dad wants to break out his old yearbook and tell stories about the good ol’ days. . .

  6. That’s tellin’ ’em, girls!

    Got that?

  7. Which house do you think the sorting hat sent him to?

    Our guess is Slytherin.

  8. How many times do you think she heard jokes about this?

  9. Ouch! We can see why!

    Beyoncé said it, and it is obviously true in his case.

  10. Wise advice from a graduating senior. Listen up, everybody!

    More cake, anyone?

  11. Since we don’t know if this is actually a typo, please hold in your laughter.

  12. One of these twins is not like the other. . .

  13. We love it when kids decide to aim high. . .

As tough as high school can be, we’re happy to see students who took the journey in stride and with a sense of humor. If you have graduating seniors in your family, it’s early enough in the school year for them to start marinating on what words of wisdom they want to put in print.

With all this inspiration, they too can leave something unconventional and hilarious.

What is the funniest yearbook quote you’ve seen? Were you able to leave a quote or silly picture for your senior shot? Which one of these made you laugh the most?