Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: every child is beautiful and precious. Whether dolled-up for a family photo shoot or playing outside in the mud, kids are intrinsically beautiful in the most important, true, and innocent ways.

But we all live in an increasingly interconnected, social, and image-based way, and we all know that the young ones are leading the way when it comes to things like Instagram, Snapchat, and other photo-sharing apps and websites.

So it should come as know surprise that there is a growing number of kids becoming famous worldwide because of their unique beauty. Keep scrolling to meet 13 of the most well-known.

  1. Thylane Blondeau

    Now 16 years old, Thylane Blondeau bagan modeling at the age of 4. By the age of 10, back in 2011, she was featured in a Vogue Paris shoot and named “the most beautiful girl in the world”.

  2. Tallia Burk

    After Blondeau gained worldwide fame, the media was on alert for the “next Thylane”. They decided they’d found her in look-alike Tallia Burk, whose Instagram account reminds us that “Beauty is not in the face…Beauty is in the light of heart”.

  3. True Blue Twins Megan and Morgan

    The Internet started paying attention to these “Rihanna-look-alike” twins thanks to their Instagram account, managed by their mother Steph Boyd. The girls gained especial notice because of their unusual eyes, especially Morgan, whose heterochromia makes her left and right eyes two different colors.

  4. Colin And Kameron Scott

    The weird world of child modeling has to be MUCH easier when you have a trusted twin by your side. In addition to the True Blue Twins, the identical duo Colin and Kameron Scott has captivated the world, and landed them a contract with Bensimon Models.

  5. Kristina Pimenova

    We love the message on the manager-monitored Instgram account of this eleven-year-old, Russian-born model and actress: “Remember beauty is inside”.

  6. Lauren Lunde

    An increasingly interconnected world loves fresh international beauty. Case in point? Lauren Lunde, who has both Korean and Canadian heritage, and thousands of loyal Instagram followers.

  7. Jade Webber

    Despite their thousands (or millions) of Instagram followers, a lot of today’s famous beauties also have full lives off-camera, too. Twelve-year-old Jade Webber, for example, is a dancer, Harry Potter reader, and multilingual speaker of English, French, and some Mandarin thanks to her French heritage, Hong Kong birth, and current Californian home.

  8. Haileigh Vasquez

    Truly, these kids are much more than the stereotypical, “empty-headed” model, and they’re not relying on their good looks to secure their futures. Eight-year-old Haileigh Vasquez, for instance, is determined to be a fashion designer, and is actually already enrolled in design school— as the youngest student ever!

  9. Grae Carter and Gavin Christopher

    How do these kids stay, well, kids and also chase their dreams? By sticking together and helping each other out. Our previous beauty, Haileigh Vasquez, is an Instagram-follower and supporter of these two siblings who we think are going to be the next big thing: Grae Carter and three-year-old Gavin Christopher!

  10. Anna Knyazeva

    This child model from Perm, Russia has nearly a million followers on the Instagram page run by her mother, Anna, who says that her daughter Anastasia has attracted notice since birth thanks to her blue eyes. People from Britain to her native Russia are calling her “the new Thylane Blondeau” and the most beautiful girl in the world.

What do you think of these beauties? Do you support child modeling, or do you think they should wait until they grow up? What do you teach your kids about beauty?