Comb through images of homes around the world and you’ll find that shipping containers have carved out their own niche. As an alternative form of tiny housing, container homes have surged in popularity and the containers are fairly cheap to purchase.

From DIYers to professional builders, people have turned shipping containers into next-level, sustainable homes. With some of these creatively converted spaces, you can’t even tell that they were giant metal boxes! Scroll through the list below to see some of the innovative ways that these containers have been turned into livable homes.


  1. Aqua Double Decker

    container house arizonaShipping Container Living

    This two-story container house in Arizona is energy-efficient and sits on concrete stilts. Lodged on a flood plain, this 4-bedroom beauty has all the creature comforts!

  2. Stylish Starter

    Container EnergyLiving Big in a Tiny House

    A childhood dream made real, this off-the-grid house was a starter container home for the owner. It’s hard to believe the 100 square foot house has room for an office.

  3. Red Sliders

    sliding container homeDornob

    You’ve probably never seen a shipping container with sliding doors. There’s nothing cramped in this single unit house where rooms slide out of nooks.

  4. Designer Duds

    Walk-in closets and hardwood floors? Once you step inside this 2,000 sq. foot home created by a toy designer, you’ll forget it’s made of shipping containers.

  5. One Box Only

    shipping container homeTiny House Listings

    You’ll be envious of the gorgeous stainless steel appliances that outfit this unassuming box. Don’t be fooled by the basic red exterior, because the inside is worthy of apartment living. King sized bed included!

  6. Container in Disguise

    container house disguiseJan Grygier via Small House Bliss

    You can’t even tell this house is made from 3 shipping containers! The California home was designed by professional firm, Leger-Wanaselja, and is beautiful inside and out.

  7. It’s an Open Box

    shipping container indoorsBusyboo

    Another professionally designed home, the containers are separated by function: living quarters in one section, sleeping in another. Check out the open living room/kitchen layout here!

  8. Luxe Upgrade

    Luxury Shipping ContainerLiving Big In a Tiny House

    An update to house #2, the home was expanded and now includes a sunny porch to die for! With foldable beds hiding all around, the place can also sleep 7.

  9. DIY Nature Nest

    Shipping Container HomeFair Companies

    This mom’s DIY skills turned a container into an oasis for her and her daughter. She bootstrapped this project by using materials from the junkyard and other sources for recyclables.

  10. Tagged in Suburbia

    container house graffitiDesire to Inspire

    Three levels of magnificence take this house to another level in an Australian suburb. Peep the graffiti out back too!

  11. Shipping Container Will Travel

    Shipping container travelLiving Big In A Tiny House

    Built by a boatman, this shipping container house was actually designed to be shipped. It’s mobile and modern, and the woodwork inside is mind blowing.

  12. One-Day Wonder

    container house 1dayHallmark Channel

    Rome may not have been built in a day, but this house with a rooftop respite was. See how they did it by clicking here.

  13. Shout from a Balcony

    container home ziglooPrefab Fan

    Basement and balcony? This Canadian home also features bamboo flooring, skylights and an office, and was created by the owner.


As homes continue to evolve, shipping containers are being looked at as viable options for housing students, vets, and the homeless. You may have also seen businesses that are housed within the cargo boxes. What’s next?

Could you see yourself living in a shipping container? What do you think of these chic homes around the world? Tell us in the comments!