13 Hacks for People Who Love to Bake

In the name of baking, sometimes you have to get up to your elbows in flour to bring your sweet creation to the table. After all the measurement calculations, egg-cracking, and parchment paper slicing, you bring delight to many tummies.

But what do you know? There are loads of baking shortcuts and hacks out here that will keep your hands a little bit cleaner, make your pans less clingy, and earn your culinary skills cheers beyond compare.

Get down in the kitchen with these baking tips that will help you solve problems, save time, and taste something new.

  1. DIY Tart Pan

    When all you’ve got is a regular baking pan, some aluminum foil will do the trick. Convert it into a pan for baking smaller goods like tarts!

  2. Save Your Pie Crust

    Don’t send extra crust to the scrap heap. Roll out that unused dough to make these other tasty treats!

  3. Use Egg Substitutes

    Whether you’ve run out of eggs or are leaving them out of your recipe on purpose, foods like applesauce will perform beautifully in your recipes. Click here to get a full list.

  4. Achieve Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

    No matter what you’re thinking, it can be done. Follow these tricks for the best chocolate chip cookies every time!

  5. Avoid an Oil Shower

    Save your counters from spray splatter with this handy tip coming from The Kitchn. Use your dishwasher door as a work surface when spraying pans with oil. Your “table” will get washed afterwards!

  6. Bake Cutie Pies

    Love those tiny pies you grab from the convenience store? Turn a mason jar lid into a pie pan for these small bites of heaven!

  7. Soften Butter Fast

    Forgot to take the butter out and you need to cream it? No worries! A jar and some hot water will fix things in a flash!

  8. Pipe it Well

    Decorate your desserts like a pro with this piping no-mess technique. Get your frosting ready and get to work!

  9. Bring Brown Sugar Back to Life

    Can you think of one use for hardened brown sugar? Neither can we. Soften it up with this trick!

  10. Make Your Pans Non-Sticky

    If you don’t have non-stick bakeware, fret not. You can grease pans up the right way by following these steps.

  11. Help Cake Layers Get Even

    Isn’t it annoying when one cake layer is thinner than all the rest? Or worse— it’s lopsided? Get even with this tip!

  12. Transform Boxed Brownies

    Who says you have to stick with the instructions on the brownie box? You’ll want to follow the instructions for the recipes in this lineup instead!

  13. Bake a Bundt Cake on the Stove

    Indeed, it’s possible. And it’s a chocolate cake at that! Need we say more?

Remember: you don’t have to be a seasoned baker to turn out oven-fresh goodies or to try out these tricks. All you need is a good starting recipe, a working appliance, and a clean pair of hands!

Which of these hacks will you be using the next time you bake? How many of these have you tried?