You may not instantly think of denture cleansing tablets when you think of your cleaning regiment, but denture tablets are great at getting the gunk off of hard-to-clean items.

You can find denture cleansing tablets at your local drug store and, as in most cases, we recommend buying generic.

We compiled 12 suggestions (well, 13 actually, but the two articles have almost identical tips for unclogging drains, so we’re calling it 12 overall!) from two sources on ways to use denture tablets:

From 7 Household Uses for Denture Cleansing Tablets:

  • Clean Up Hard-to-Reach Glass Items
  • Remove Mineral Deposits From Your Teakettle
  • Clean Up Stained Coffee Cups
  • Open-Up a Gooped-Up Drain
  • Clean Up a Crusty Casserole Dish
  • Shine Up Your Beaded Jewelry
  • Clean Baby Bottles, Teething Toys and Pacifiers

    Another household use for denture cleansing tablets is to clean baby bottles- you don’t need to use a brush to remove dried formula; teething toys- clean and deodorize at the same time; and pacifiers- clean all of the nooks and crannies without scrubbing. If you have several items to clean, place them in your kitchen sink. Plug the drain and add enough very warm water to just cover the items. Drop a tablet into the water and allow the items to soak for twenty minutes. Then, wash and rinse well.

From Extraordinary Uses for Denture Tablets:

  • Re-ignite your diamond’s sparkle
  • Vanish mineral deposits on glass
  • Clean a coffeemaker
  • Clean your toilet
  • Clean enamel cookware
  • Unclog a drain

    Slow drain got you down? Reach for the denture tablets. Drop a couple of tablets into the drain and run water until the problem clears. For a more stubborn clog, drop 3 tablets down the sink, follow that with 1 cup white vinegar, and wait a few minutes. Now run hot water in the drain until the clog is gone.

We recommend clicking through both links above to read the full articles, as each one explains in much more detail how to apply the various uses suggested.

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