The weather is amazing and we are outside grilling. If you’re looking to elevate your meats to award-winning levels, then check out these Barbecue sauce recipes from Serious Eats starting with the basics:

Basic Barbecue Sauce. Start with this base and then change it to taste such as adding onions or pineapple.

Eastern Carolina Barbecue Vinegar Sauce. A 4-ingredient crowd-pleaser featuring cider vinegar.

Dr Pepper Baby Back Ribs. The Dr Pepper complements the apple wood chunks for a depth your guests won’t be able to put a finger on.

Alabama White Sauce. This mayonnaise-based sauce will make chicken unforgettable and it won’t disappoint.

Stout Barbecue Sauce. Adding this stout and molasses mixture to ribs will give them rich as well as hearty.

Head on over to Serious Eats to see how to Make Your Own Barbecue Sauce: 12 Recipes.