12 Holiday Hacks to Make Your Christmas Merry

Whether it’s stringing up tangled lights, making a mess watering the Christmas tree, or wrapping tons of awkwardly-shaped gifts, there’s as much to dread during the holidays as there is to excitedly anticipate. It’s hard to focus on everything that’s “merry and bright” when you’re pulling out your hair trying to finish your to-do list before December 24th.

Rather than simply gritting our teeth and powering through, what if there were a way to make things easier and return the enjoyment? Luckily, there is thanks to these 12 smart hacks from Whats Up Moms! After all, who better to show us smart household tricks than a mom?

Try these tips to make your holiday season as smooth as a glass of eggnog. Share your thoughts on these hacks (and maybe suggest a few of your own) in the comments section below!

1. DIY Advent Calendar

Rather than spending money on a Dollar Store advent calendar, make your own using a muffin tin, stickers, and treats! Your kids will have a little something special every day leading up to Christmas.

2. Try Adhesive Hooks

Want to hang your wreath festively on your door…but would also like to close your door? Wouldn’t we all. This year, use an adhesive hook to keep the wreath up but also out of the way.

3. Use Hot Glue

For what, you ask? For hanging your lights on the mantle! Using dollops of hot glue along your string of lights is a great way to decorate “invisibly.”

4. Water Your Tree

Keeping your Christmas tree hydrated is the only way to keep it healthy throughout the holiday season. But, let’s face it, getting under those branches to water your tree is awkward and often painful. Use an empty wrapping paper tube as a funnel next time.

5. Up Your Cocoa Game

To make cocoa extra fancy for that special house guest (in-laws staying over, perhaps?) use a vegetable peeler to make curled chocolate shaving. This is the perfect way to top off your hot chocolate in style.

6. Keep Ribbon Organized

Finding your ribbon is coming unraveled? A quick way to keep everything together is by stacking your ribbon rolls on an empty paper towel holder.

7. Get Creative With Wrapping

No wrapping paper to speak of? Don’t run to the store! Get creative instead by using easel paper, newspaper, or aluminum foil for wrapping!

8. DIY Snowy Candles

Make candles instantly festive by covering them in clear glue and rolling them in Epsom salt. They’ll instantly take on a festive, snowy affect.

9. DIY Snowflake Ornament

Want to make ornaments with the kids? Easy! Glue together some puzzle pieces to create a snowflake-shape, then let the kids paint and decorate their snowflake however they please.

10. Gift Card Delivery

Giving a gift card can often look lackluster. To jazz up this gift, glue two candy canes onto a Hershey’s bar to create an edible “sleigh.” What better way to deliver your gift card then with something your friend can eat afterwards!

11. Fish Out Eggshells

You’re baking your holiday cookies when – oops, eggshell in the batter! Instead of playing cat-and-mouse, wet your fingers to easily fish out the piece of shell.

12. Chill Champagne Fast

Having company but forgot to chill the bubbly? Wrap the champagne in damp paper towels and let it sit in the freezer for 10 minutes. The bubbles will be ice cold before you know it!


For more information and demonstrations for each of these holiday hacks, check out the video below from WhatsUpMoms!