New Year’s resolutions to be more healthy, lose weight and eat better meals are all well and good, but actually following through with them is harder than our optimism can make it seem. If you’re throwing out years of more indulgent eating, that means you’re throwing out the less-healthy – and sometimes just plain unhealthy! – recipes you used to make, and the prospect of replacing them can be daunting and time-consuming. Daunting and time-consuming, that is, if you don’t have us to help you! Skinny Mom recently put together a list of dinners that all top out at only 350 calories per serving, and it inspired us to do the same. Check out these TWELVE recipes that all fall under that 350-calorie mark, and get inspired to eat healthy every dinner of the week.

ButternutSquashMacFit Men Cook
    1. Satisfy your cheesy-carb-cravings with this low-cal take. As a bonus, it includes butternut squash AND turkey bacon for an added health-factor and flavor.


    1. Cutting the calories doesn’t have to mean feeling deprived, and this seafood recipe proves it. In fact, the shrimp surrounded by coconut milk, peppers, tomatoes and more feels downright indulgent!


    1. Would you rather skip the fish and cut-out all animal products entirely? Then give this vegan pasta a try! This take on Bolognese is packed full of vegetables for such great taste, you won’t miss the meat or the calories at all!


RanchChickenCheddarDamn Delicious via Skinny Mom
    1. This healthy version of fried chicken helps you enjoy your favorite without guilt! With Panko crumbs instead of bread crumbs and a topping made of mayonnaise, Ranch, and sharp cheddar, you’ll feel lucky instead of deprived.


    1. Think that a creamy, cheesy soup sure-to-satisfy on cold winter’s nights can’t possibly be good for you? Think again! This clever recipe uses cauliflower, leeks, low-fat milk and extra-sharp cheese to deliver that seemingly-impossible meal in only 247 calories per serving.


CauliflowerChowderDamn Delicious via Skinny Mom
    1. Want another awesome soup option? Try this chowder! It too uses – you guessed it! – cauliflower to keep it creamy but satisfying, and then tops it with bacon for that kick we can’t resist.


TurkeyChiliPotatoSkinnytaste via Skinny Mom
    1. Baked potatoes are moving from supporting side to main meal star— and they’re doing it the healthy way! This one is loaded up with turkey chili for the perfect antidote to bland tastes and cold weather.


StuffedBuffaloBurgerSkinny Mom
    1. Yes, it’s totally possible to have a burger – a real one, made out of ground beef – and still be pretty healthy! This recipe makes sure that beef is lean, then stuffs it with bleu cheese and hot sauce for a take on burgers


    1. buffalo wings better than anything you can get at the bar.


MeatballSubWrapSkinny Mom
    1. This healthy take on the meatball sub swaps out red meat for ground chicken and adds green bell peppers, banana peppers, and tomatoes for colorful, nutritious flavor. Plus, the light Italian flatbreads wrapped around the filling make even this “sub” better for you than any regular sandwich or wrap.


TurkeyEnchiladaCasseroleSkinny Mom
    1. Low-calorie, cheesy Mexican-inspired food? It’s totally possible! This recipe layers healthy turkey with low-carb, high-fiber tortillas for a dish that combines everything we love about enchiladas, casseroles, and cheese.


    1. Want more options for that Mexican feast? Try this burrito bowl filled with black beans and chicken!


MushroomKaleLasagnaRollsSkinnytaste via Skinny Mom
    1. Slim down regular lasagna but keep the flavor with this take on the filling pasta. The mushrooms and kale add a lot of flavor


    make the rolls look tantalizingly gorgeous.

How great do these recipes look? One of our favorite things is finding healthy recipes that are as good to our tongues as they are to the rest of our bodies, and we just can’t get enough. If you feel the same after seeing this list, be sure to check out the one over on Skinny Mom, then tell us which one you’ll be trying first!