If you’re scared of heights, you may not be a fan of bridges. Whether they’re going over large expanses of water or cutting through the mountains, many bridges are not only popular landmarks, but they’re amazing feats of construction.

When we think of famous bridges, two come to mind right away, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia. While these are certainly two amazing bridges, there are many more spectacular bridges around the world.

  1. Chesepeake Bay Bridge

    This bridge in Maryland scares many drivers. At 4.3 miles long and 200 feet high with few emergency pull-offs and low guardrails, yeah, there’s a lot to be nervous about.

  2. Eshima Ohashi Bridge

    This bridge, also known as the “Roller Coaster Bridge,” is in Sakaiminato, Japan. That steep descent is enough to make our stomachs drop just looking at it.

  3. Golden Gate Bridge

    One of the most famous bridges, this San Francisco icon is over 75 years old. It was the longest and tallest suspension bridge when it opened in 1937.

  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Built in 1932, this bridge in Sydney, Australia is often the centerpiece during celebrations, like fireworks on New Years Eve. Any time of the year, locals and tourists alike who are brave enough can enjoy BridgeClimb where they actually hike up the bridge.

  5. Akashi-Kaikyo or Pearl Bridge

    This bridge in Kobe-Naruto, Japan is the world’s longest suspension bridge at 1,991 meters long, and it has been the longest suspension bridge since 1998. Before it opened for use, it even survived the Kobe Earthquake in 1995.

  6. Pont du Gard Aqueduct

    This aqueduct bridge in France was most likely constructed between 19 BC and 150 AD. No mortar was used during construction. All of the stones for the bridge were cut so precisely that mortar wasn’t needed.

  7. Royal Gorge Bridge

    This bridge in Canon City, Colorado is 359 meters high which makes it the world’s highest suspension bridge.

  8. Lupu Bridge

    This bridge is in Shanghai, China, and at 3,900 meters long, it is the world’s longest steel-arc bridge.

  9. Millau Viaduct

    This bridge in Tran Valley, France passes over land, not water, and it’s the world’s highest vehicular bridge.

  10. New Brunswick Hartland Bridge

    This bridge in New Brunswick, Canada is one of the last remaining few covered bridges, and it is also the world’s longest covered bridge.

  11. The Helix Bridge

    This beautiful stainless steel bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore has a striking double helix design.

  12. Si Du River Bridge

    bridgeGlabb via Wikimedia Commons

    This suspension bridge in Hubei, China is another bridge that passes over land instead of water. Usually a boat or helicopter is used to string the first cable on a suspension bridge, but for the first time ever, a rocket was used to string the first cable on this bridge.

What are your favorite bridges? Would you be scared to drive or walk over any of these bridges?