Wisdom works both ways you know, and that includes being able to receive sound advice from the youth. In this case, it’s coming in the form of airport life. Who couldn’t use extra tips for navigating a busy airport, whether you’re stuck in a layover or bee-lining to or from a flight?

Teen twins Brooklyn and Bailey share hacks to help us deal with airport travel from arrival to seating. Even though the video is titled “12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know”, these are actually useful for anybody. That includes guys, seasoned travelers, newbies, and parents letting their children fly alone for the first time.

Get ready to take notes as we jump through a handful of these young ladies’ tips:

Ticket Ready

If you’ve bought your ticket online, simply pull up the info on your phone when you arrive at check-in. The girls show us how to set the flight email details on the home screen and lock it in. This way, there’s no extra time spent scrolling through emails when you get to the check-in kiosk.

Camera Ready

This smart tip is a lifesaver when it comes to parking lot amnesia. Yes, the spaces are numbered and so are the aisles, but what to do when you can’t remember either one? Take a pic! The ladies point out that this is especially handy for longer trips when your car is parked for days. Parking lot labyrinths are no match for a quick snap, and this trick could definitely be used at the mall or grocery store too.

Get a Handle on Your Luggage

For those times when you’re trying to maneuver two or more suitcases at a time, they need to have each other’s backs. Put the backs of two suitcases together and combine them into one. Grab the merged handles and roll your luggage through the airport with their sides facing forward. Genius!

Image of luggage.Brooklyn and Bailey
Secure Your Line

When moving through security checkpoint lines, the twins highlight that fact that going left is better. Why? Because most people tend to go right. Could this have something to do with most people being right-handed, and therefore used to choosing their dominant side? Hmmm. . .

Be Sanitary

If you’re not doing this already, start carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you to stave off germs. It makes sense since you’ll be huddled in a busy space that millions of traveling folks pass through. Keep it for use on and off the plane.

Occupy the Kiddos

Younger children can get bored sitting through wait times that feel like centuries to them. Brooklyn and Bailey help to entertain their little siblings with an inflatable beach ball that they can play with as they wait. Smart! It can be inflated and deflated on the spot, then quickly packed away.

Click on the video to peep the rest of the girls’ smart air travel hacks. Ease some of your air travel woes with this sage advice. Which one of these tips will help you the most when it comes to airport struggles? Can you think of any others? Share in the comments!