Trying to find ways to makeover your windows without coughing up extra dough? Chances are all the windows in your house aren’t the same size either, so finding options for every size, shape, and room in your home is a task in itself.

There’s a treatment out there for every case of window deprivation. With the DIY ideas below, you can finally dress that naked window in the foyer or add a punch of your own design to your sleepy living room curtains. For those of you who itch to switch things up when the seasons change, prepare to be inspired.

  1. Bed Sheet Curtains


    You can repurpose some stylish sheets already in your linen closet, or just go out and grab a funky new design for less than $20! This easy method using flat sheets doesn’t even require a stitch.

  2. Turn Blinds Into Shades

    windows roman.jpgOWN

    Now, we know Roman shades can be pricier than other window coverings, but you can make your own! Yes, there’s a simple way to change ordinary mini-blinds into chic Romans without a magic wand or sewing machine.

  3. Clip-On Curtains

    windows cliponA Beautiful Mess

    Don’t be fooled by “clip” being part of the technique, as you can easily turn out these lovely curtains for any window in the house, using whatever fabric you choose. Check out how it’s done at A Beautiful Mess.

  4. Get Laced Up


    Instead of using curtains or blinds, add a touch of delicate lace to the glass for privacy without sacrificing natural light. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with cornstarch and a paintbrush.

  5. Just Add Frosting

    windows frostedRemove and Replace

    Though you can use this technique for any window, it’s particularly clever for sliding doors and those thin windows on either side of your front door. You know the ones that nosey neighbors can peek through? Add frosting by following these steps from Remove and Replace.

  6. Blackout Curtains

    windows blackoutDebtisDum

    Use what you already have but upgrade them to make a room darkening version. All you need to do is get fabric, curtain clips, and follow these no-sew directions.

  7. Tablecloth Curtains

    windows featuredJust a Girl Blog

    Fabric tablecloths come in some pretty fabulous designs and can be made of quality material too. Check out how to make drapes from tablecloths through this tutorial at Just a Girl Blog.

  8. Balloon Valance

    windows fitted sheetIn My Own Style

    Those difficult-to-fold “curly” sheets can find a new purpose in life as curtains. In My Own Style guides you through crafting a balloon valance without sewing! Find a cute print for your fitted sheet and the right accent to hang these from the windows in your kids’ rooms, bathroom, or kitchen.

  9. The 10-Minute Valance

    windows foam valanceDown Home Inspiration

    Blogger Kirsten at Down Home Inspiration came up with a nifty way to create a valance with only $10 worth of materials and 10 minutes of labor. Say what? The stars of this window treatment are foam and fabric.

  10. DIY Stenciled Curtains

    windows stencilThe Frugal Homemaker

    Have an existing pair of curtains that are just sort of blah? Jazz up any pair of solid-colored panels with a stencil and fabric paint. Find out what The Frugal Homemaker did to a set of Ikea drapes.

  11. Homemade Bamboo Shades

    windows bambooBiggerThantheThreeofUs

    If you love the natural look but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for bamboo curtains, try making your own by using fencing material. That’s right – fencing. Click on this link for the tutorial.


You can use items you already have at home, but remember you can pick up some of these materials from flea markets and thrift stores. Add accents like bead strands as tie backs or garlands above your window frame. Get creative!

Are you inspired to try something new on your windows with these ideas? What DIY window treatments have you already crafted? Tell us in the comments!