Looking for an unexpected organizational device? If so, then consider the merits of curtain rods! That’s right, these poles are great for hanging window shades, but they also can help you display or straighten up those errant items hanging around your home. Here are the 11 most helpful ways you can use curtain rods in your home!

  1. Decorative Note and Picture Holder

    curtain rod note holderMartha Stewart

    This one works great if you have a desk with a back-facing wall organizer. Simply install an ornate tension rod between the walls of two open cabinets, then hang important notes or pocket sized pictures with the clasped rings of your choice.

  2. Drawer Organizer

    curtain rod drawer organizerMontana Prairie Tales

    If you have trouble keeping your Tupperware organized, then this is a great hack for you. Get a small plastic adjustable curtain rod and size it so that works as a nifty drawer divider.

  3. Hand Towel Displayer

    curtain rod towel holderHome Talk

    I absolutely love putting out my seasonal hand towels, especially during the holidays. So I installed a tension rod between two sides of my cabinet area in my kitchen. What a great way to display those prized linens!

  4. Herb Garden Organizer

    curtain rod herb gardenJillm

    If your herb garden needs a bit more light, consider nestling the pots up to a window by adding a rod across the width of the frame. You can then go ahead and secure the pots to the pole by using sturdy interlocking S-hooks.

  5. Craft Holder

    curtain rod craft holderI Am a Project Junkie

    If you’re a present wrapping fiend, then look no further! Slip all of your favorite ribbon rolls over an adjustable plastic tension rod, then fit it between two legs of your craft table. This gives you easy access to all of your must-have decorations!

  6. Cleaning Supply Holder

    curtain rod cleaning supplyJen Thousand Words

    What a great way to bring some organization into that all-too-messy under the sink area! Simply install a plastic curtain rod to fit between the two walls of your lower sink cabinet. Finish up the project by anchoring your must-have cleaning spray bottles directly onto the rod.

  7. High-Heel Shoe Organizer

    curtain rod shoe organizerA Loyal Love

    If you’re a shoe lover, then this project is a must! Install tension rods in a bare closet, with at least a couple of feet of parallel space between each one. Then place your heels onto each rod. This hack displays your stilettos beautifully!

  8. Jewelry Organizer

    curtain rod jewelry orgaznierThis Messy Business

    To keep your necklaces and bracelets beautiful and tangle-free, place a decorative curtain rod in the middle of a free closet space. Drape S-hooks over the rod to help secure your favorite jewelry!

  9. Ornament Display

    curtain rod ornament holderde Jong Dream House

    If you do not want to add tons of nails to your walls, then this holiday hack is a must! Install a tension rod in an area where you would like to exhibit some of your beloved ornaments, then hang them by strings from the rod. What a pretty display!

  10. Pots and Pans Holder

    curtain rod pan holderOrganizing Made Fun

    Yet another simple under-the-sink solution. Grab an adjustable curtain rod and install it inside of a cabinet. Then, taking S-hooks, hang your pots and pans. It’s a great way to keep all of your cooking necessities coordinated.

  11. Litter Box Partition

    curtain rod litter boxThis Old House

    This is a wonderful solution for all of you cat mommies and daddies out there! Install that tension rod in a nook of your home that is relatively isolated. Then, hang some inexpensive curtains from it and place your cat’s litter box behind it. It gives your kitty some much-needed privacy!

What do you think of using curtain rods as an organizational device? Are you planning on trying any projects on this list? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!