from Tip Hero Richard M


UN-STICK ZIPPERS – Rub the dry bar against the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it enough to move. Once the zipper is unstuck, rub the soap up and down against the length of each zipper side, and then zip and unzip a few times to prevent further sticking.

LEFTOVERS – Take a leftover sliver of soap and stick it on top of a new bar.

ODOR EATER – Place a wrapped bar of soap in clothes, drawers, suitcases, dirty laundry or shoes to prevent or remove odors.

SEWING – Draw a line with a bar of sew for a hem. It washes out more easily then chalk.

BUG REPELLENT – Mix soap with water in a spray bottle and spray around house to repel pests.

LOOSEN TIGHT RINGS – rub liquid dish soap over finger to loosen tight rings.

NAILS – Hang soap on a rope above your workbench. Rub screws and nails with the soap so they enter wood more easily.

SAWING – Rub soap on the saw blade for easy sawing.

LEAK DETECTOR – Smear wet soap on gas pipes. If it bubbles, you have a leak.

DEER REPELLENT – Place slivers of soap in pantyhose and hang from a tree. The stronger the smell, the more effective it is at repelling deer.

PIN CUSHION – Wrap a cloth over a bar of soap. Stick pins in top. Soap will lubricate pins for easier insertions.