For those of us who have lived in the United States our entire lives, there are certain weird things that are unique to this country that we don’t realize are unique; however, people who have moved here from other countries or who come here on vacation are quick to realize that there are some pretty strange things you’ll only find in America.

One Reddit user asked, “Non Americans of Reddit, what is the craziest rumor you heard about America that turned out to be true?” The answers are very interesting and enlightening. Scroll down to discover 11 strange but true things about America as pointed out by non-Americans.

  1. Surfer Dudes

  2. “Bless You”

  3. School Buses

  4. Dollywood

  5. Olive Garden

  6. Cereal

  7. Solo Cups

  8. Trick-or-Treating

  9. Libraries

  10. Milk

  11. New York City is Real

Does it surprise you that non-Americans find these things about America hard to believe? Which one surprises you the most? Have you ever experienced a kind of culture shock in another country when you found out that something really strange was actually true?