11 Best Names for Your Sagittarius Babies

If you are set to give birth between the dates of November 23rd and December 21st, then lucky you– you are going to be the proud parent of a Sagittarius baby! People born under this fire sign are known for being funny intense, idealistic, and most of all, SMART. Who wouldn’t want to take home one of those bundle of joys from the hospital?

Now, if you are kind of stuck when it comes to naming your end-of-the-year kiddo, we think you should look no further than this list of options, which was tailor-made to pay homage to his or her magnetic traits. Here are 11 names that perfectly capture the wild spirit of Sagittarians.

  1. Lilo

    Lilo’s origins are rooted in both Hawaii and Germany. The name itself translates to “the generous one”— one of the many sweet aspects of Sagittarius babies.

  2. Atlas

    Did you know that people born at the end of the year love to travel? At least that’s what astrologers say! Though Atlas is technically labeled as a “Greek God name”, we think it works just as well for globetrotting babes.

  3. Ainsley

    Sagittarians have an especially strong connection with Mother Nature, which makes the ethereal— and gender-neutral— Ainsley, meaning “one’s own meadow,” such a great choice.

  4. Dasha

    If you’re set to deliver during that exciting time just after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas, then your baby will have A LOT of energy; a fact that makes this “dashing” name so apropos.

  5. Garyth

    Those born under this fire sign are known to be extremely candid about their feelings and views, which makes Garyth, a Celtic name meaning “honest and tender”, such a no-brainer.

  6. Otta

    Saggitarians are known to be great lovers of philosophy, a fact that lends itself to the short and sweet Otta, a Nordic name that translates to “philosopher.”

  7. Wyatt

    Babies born under this sign are as brave as can be, so why not give your boy the name Wyatt? It does mean “the little warrior”, after all…

  8. Letti

    Sagittarians are known for their charm and wit, which makes Letti, a name meaning cheerful and delightful, such a fitting moniker.

  9. Aluka

    Because those born under this fire sign are passionate about travel, it surely comes as no surprise that Saggitarians are often characterized as being “restless”. Aluka means “inventive, determined” and, yes, “restless”— a positive spin on this sometimes negative trait!

  10. Syretia

    Perhaps no baby name better embodies the Saggitarian mindset than Syretia (pronounces Seer-EE-sha). This unique name means “serious, independent, and curious.”

  11. Avika

    In case you are slow to the punch when it comes to decoding astrology, we bet you already know that Saggitarians are passionate people. Because of this, we think Avika, a strong unisex name meaning “bright” would work well for any babe born under this sign.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these Sagittarius-themed names! Are you a Sagittarius? If so, can you relate to some of your sign’s traits? Which name is your favorite? Do you have any of your own that you would like to add to the list?