You don’t realize it yet, but you’ve just hit the mother lode. This post is filled with puzzles that will keep you busy for at least the next 15 minutes. And truthfully, for some of you they will take much longer.

Now that we’ve got you primed for some mindbenders, it’s time to dig up a calculator, scrap paper, hi-tech goggles, or whatever else you may need to figure these out. Oh, and please don’t get in trouble at work for dillydallying too long with these. Have fun!

  1. How Many Squares?

    Guess the correct number of squares. Be sure not to miss any!

  2. What’s the Correct Number?

    Kids have no problem getting the right answer within seconds for this one, but adults are in disbelief when they get it wrong. What’s your guess?

  3. Count The Animals Up

    find animalsTipHero

    When you think you’ve got them all, let us know. Click here for the answer.

  4. Open the Lock

    This one may take you well into your lunch break or dinnertime before you crack it. Don’t give up!

  5. Math Equation Challenge

    We know you’ll be confident in your answer no matter what you arrive at, but you’ll still want to confirm that by clicking here.

  6. Find the Digits

    Come on, you know it’s buried somewhere in here, but where? Help us find the 4-2-5!

  7. How’s the View From Up Top?

    Let us know! This may seem obvious at first, but look carefully at the colors.

  8. Pour Us Some Coffee

    Besides you, who else will get their coffee today? Please tell us!

  9. A Sea of Octopuses Hides a Fish

    Brought to you by the same puzzle master who gave us “Spot the Panda“, this puzzle beckons you to find the fish. He’s not fooling around either.

  10. One of These Planes is Not Like the Others

    Business Insider shared this puzzle from UK-based company Airports Parking and Hotels. One of these planes is flying in the wrong direction. Can you see it?

  11. Fruity Math Coding

    Can you decode the fruit symbols to crack this mathematical code? Tell us your answer!


If you’re stumped on some of these, hop below to find out the answers. Those of you who were able to guess correctly for most of these deserve a reward. All we’re able to offer you is bragging rights and a virtual high-five, smarty-pants!

1.40 – You can watch this YouTube clip to see them highlighted.

2. 87 – Just flip the image upside down.

3. There are 16. Click here for the video to see what and where they are.

4. 042

5. 1 – You probably got the wrong thing, so click on the video here to see the how it’s done.


7. #3

8. I gave up too and had to watch this clip for the answer.


10. It’s in the lower right quadrant, right there:

11. 14. We know, you’re confused. Each banana is equal to 1, and the coconut is halved for the last equation. Look again!

Were you able to get any of these on the first try? Which one(s) were the hardest? Who will you challenge to a puzzle duel?