11 Bra Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Let’s face it, ladies. Sometimes, bras can drive us nuts. Whether it’s trying to figure out when and how to wash them, what size you should actually be wearing, or how to wear one with that shirt with the weird neckline, there’s a whole plethora of ridiculous issues.

It’s enough to make any bra-wearer want to give up wearing one entirely! Luckily, we don’t have to; we just need to find some good hacks. If you’ve ever been annoyed by a bra that shows when you don’t want it to or an underwire that’s poking out (among other common issues) then you’ll want to check out this video with 11 awesome tricks and solutions from Buzzfeed. Check out our favorites below, then give a watch for even more brilliant ideas!

    1. We all know we’re not supposed to put a bra in the dryer – they’ll warp! – but we don’t always have the time to let them gently air dry. That process can take forever, especially if your bra has some padding. Much easier and faster? Use a salad spinner! They’re great for cleaning your bras, too!
    2. Do you feel like you’re giving up too much precious dresser drawer space to your bras, or that you’re bending them out of shape by squishing them all into a too-small space? Us too, but ladies— we don’t have to store them in drawers! Stores hang their bras up, after all, and we can do the same. Just loop a whole bunch over the bar of a regular plastic clothes hanger, or add two-inch hooks to several wooden shirt hangers to create a space-saving bra display.
    3. One of the most annoying aspects of wearing a bra is painful bra straps digging into your shoulder. Relieve the pain by grabbing some silicone shoulder pads! Just slide the pad around the bra strap, and kiss the pain goodbye!


  1. Use another feminine item to help you with pesky underwires: a pantiliner! Just snip a small piece out of a regular pantiliner, and wrap it around the exposed wire that’s been poking and annoying you all day. Instant relief!
  2. Sometimes the biggest problem with our bras isn’t the garment itself— it’s what it’s holding up! There are just some occasions where’s it’s not appropriate to, shall we way, “let the girls out,” but often it can feel accidentally unavoidable, especially if you’re on the more well-endowed side. (Clothes designers, take note!) You don’t have to swelter under multiple layers to avoid the problem, however. Use camisole inserts! They clip right onto your bra without the bulk of a full on camisole, and provide some much-needed modesty. We wish we’d known about them sooner!

Brilliant! There’s more hacks where these ones came from – including how best to clean a sports bra, test your fit, and create an instant racerback – so be sure to watch Buzzfeed’s video below to make your bra-wearing life SO much easier.

Feeling better already? We are too! Which one of these bra hacks are you going to try today? Do you have any of your own bra-wearing hacks to share? Any other products like the silicone pads or camisole inserts we should know about and share? Let us know!

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Story image credit: Deposit Photos