10 Wonderful Ways to Use Apples This Fall

When you think of fall, what comes to your mind? We’re guessing that apples made it into the top three things that popped up in your mind (and with good reason)! The time for apple picking is here. So when you bring home a big bag of apples, what are some ways that you can use them in the kitchen (besides devouring them on their own)?

Here are 10 of the wonderful ways to love apples this fall:

  1. Bake into break and muffins
  2. Puree into butter and jams
  3. Mix into classic chicken salad
  4. Pair with favorite cheese
  5. Add crunch to salads
  6. Add a twist to traditional stuffing
  7. Use with savory dishes
  8. Make caramel/candy apples
  9. Crisp up your cocktails
  10. Make some traditional apple pie

Source: YumSugar