Clutter doesn’t do you any good in whatever form it takes – and digital clutter can get in your way just as much as physical clutter in your home. Here are some easy things you can do today, or any day, to clean up your digital life a bit:
  1. Uninstall Unused Software from Your Computer: take some time to go through the programs on your computer. Making space will help you system to function faster and will eliminate unnecessary clutter.
  2. Cancel Accounts on Unused Social Sites: you might look at Facebook everyday, but how often do you go to other sites where you have account, i.e. MySpace? Having a ton of accounts out there with passwords your need to remember is just cluttering your mental space. Think about closing those accounts that you don’t access often.
  3. Clean Up Your Browser:

    Browser plug-ins are the donut holes of the online world; they’re easy and harmless to add on one-by-one, but before you know it, you’ve tacked on some serious weight to your toolbar. Clean up your web browser of choice by deleting all but the necessary plug-ins, toolbars and add-ons. Make your web experience as minimalist as possible.

  4. Unsubscribe from Unneeded Email Lists: how many emails do you get weekly, or even daily, that you automatically just delete? Instead of continuing to clutter up your inbox, go through and figure out which recurring emails you don’t need to receive anymore. Then take the time to unsubscribe at the bottom of these emails to be removed from their lists.

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