It seems everyone has advice for decluttering, and many of us actually put it to good use. But just hearing the word can bring nightmares about colossal piles of S-T-U-F-F. Who wants to deal with that?

To take the intimidation out of what can become a massive chore, some organizing pros suggest breaking down the job into smaller bits. That’s why Clean My Space shared this video about tossing things and how to do it!

Entitled “10 Things to Toss Today”, Melissa reminds us that tossing something doesn’t mean condemning it to the garbage can. Starting out with a category of items to pare down makes a big difference. Watch this video to learn about ten things you can toss or whittle down. Here, we’ll outline a few.


I have them. You have probably have lots of CDs too, and they’re not really doing anything except collecting dust. If that sounds like you, then unload them. But you can upload them first and turn them into digital files. Once that’s done, Melissa recommends getting rid of your lot through selling, recycling, or giving them away.

Old Candles

When nothing’s left but a smidgen of wax and barely a wick, it’s time to toss it. You might be surprised at how many old candle jars you’ve got sitting around the house. Round them up and either recycle the glass, or reuse the jars after removing the wax.


It’s pretty common to have leftover meds from a short-term problem like an ear infection or oral surgery. They get old and forgotten too, so check the expiration dates. Remove old prescriptions, bag them and take them to a local pharmacy for disposal. If that isn’t an option, check for disposal instructions on the label. Just remember to remove your personal information from the container.

Image of old prescription label.Clean My Space
Gaming Systems

New game consoles come out periodically, causing you to upgrade your existing one, or you just outgrow gaming. Melissa mentions how you can free up space and make a couple of extra bucks by selling your old gaming consoles. If yours is broken, look for electronics recycling events or nostalgia collectors who might be interested.


Are you really fond of advanced statistics so much you want the book 10 years later? Get rid of those old textbooks. Current versions can be sold online through sites dedicated to used textbooks. But if the ages of the books make them a hard sell, try donating them to charity or a used book store.


Watch Melissa hash out the rest of the list to help you ditch clutter and create more space. Tossing out your belongings can be hard if you have emotional attachments, but little things like these make the task easier to manage. Donate it, recycle it, sell it, gift it, or dump it!

Solving clutter problems means taking baby steps and appreciating the small gains. Which little parts of clutter have you addressed that helped the bigger picture? Have you hit any of the items on this Clean My Space list? Tell us in the comments!