10 Travel Hacks to Make Your Vacay Easier

Vacation season is here and that means being travel ready. You have to plan where to go, how to get there, and what to pack. With all that going on, it doesn’t hurt to have a few helpful tricks in the bag.

Household Hacker is here to lay out a few hacks for your next trip. You know how you forget to pack something or an item gets crunched up in your luggage? Avoid having to make extra pitstops for replacements or forgotten belongings by using these tricks.

Here, we outline five out of the ten awesome hacks that Household Hacker is demoing for us. Be sure to take some notes on this one!

Binder Clips

They’re cheap, versatile, and come in a variety of sizes, but how many ways do you really use binder clips? For traveling, snap one onto your razor or toothbrush as a protective cover. Another handy tip is to prop your toothbrush up with a binder clip so it’s not sitting on a bathroom counter. Bristles up!

Keep your earbuds tight by popping them inside a clip and wrapping the cord around the binder wires. No more lost or tangled buds!

Map it Out

When you need directions but don’t have a reliable signal or data to burn through, there’s Google offline maps to the rescue! This hidden feature of the Google Maps app allows you to save a part of a map for offline viewing. All you do is zoom in on which map you want to save and then type OK Maps into the app’s search bar.

You’ll be prompted to download the map and will receive a message saying it’s been cached. Done and done! The only catch is that it will only capture up to 10 miles. Perfect for scoping out unfamiliar areas, this trick works on Android and iOS devices alike.

Makeshift Charger

I’ve done it and you probably have too: forgetting the phone charger. Sometimes the plug just gets separated from the cord and you’re stuck. Other times, like when on a cruise ship, there aren’t enough outlets available.

To get around this issue, you can connect your USB cord to the back of a TV and charge your phone. Look for the slot near the HDMI ports or audio connections and plug away!

Snack Pack

Long road trips can bring out the worst in people, especially when they’re hungry or tired. It’s prudent to pack snacks or small meals to take along for the ride. To keep everything organized, you can use a craft storage box.

Flat containers that come with built-in compartments and snapping lids work best, allowing you to separate foods and keep them fresh. They can even be stacked and stored in cooler bags!

Leakproof Toiletries

Messy bags? So you packed your toothpaste, shampoo, and lotion into Ziploc bags, but now there’s a splattered mess where you’ve neatly stored your toiletries. Want to avoid this?

For products like shampoo and lotion, pop the cap off, squeeze any excess air from the bottle, and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening as a seal. Replace the top. For toothpaste, simply add some cling wrap under the cap.


To see the rest of Household Hacker’s useful tips, click on the video below. Book your flights, fill up the gas tank, and don’t hit the road without these tricks.

What do think of these travel hacks? Which travel tips are you already using to ease travel hiccups? Share with us in the comments!