10 Things You Can Do Better Than Home Depot and Lowes

by David Glenn

You know who you are; Home Depot and Lowe’s doesn’t. There are many products and ideas to explore there, but they can’t tell you who you are and what you like. You are not mass-made. Why would you decorate your home as if you were? There are ten things you can do better than Home Depot or Lowe’s. It’s all within you right now.
1.      Your Taste

Your taste is your own. If your home is not decorated according to what you like, you are less likely to thrive in life. When you are surrounded by colors, patterns, textures and décor that you love, you feel vibrant, you have more energy, your thinking is clearer, and you are excited about life. If you don’t love your home, it’s time to change it.

2.      What You Love

Some people find it hard to discover what they like, but you have this information inside of you already. Remember the best vacation you took. Consider the places you have visited and what you liked about them. You may discover that you feel most peaceful at the beach or the crisp cool air of the mountains makes you feel invigorated. From these two examples, you can quickly deduce how to decorate. If you like the Caribbean, you may enjoy using colors of mellow greens and blues with splashes of vibrant orange and other tropical colors. If you like the mountains, smells of cinnamon and rustic furniture might be your forte.

3.      Discover More

If you are still having trouble discovering what you like. Start looking up different colors online. Search the basic colors, but choose the “images” option. Pictures of color variants will appear. You will be able to decipher the colors you like most and the ones you don’t like at all. You may be surprised by what creates a reaction in you.

4.      Clutter

Many people discover early in life whether they like to have a cozy home or whether they don’t like to have a lot of clutter. Cozy homes typically have several pictures, pillows, throws and other items in their home aimed at providing comfort. People who don’t like clutter appreciate a more streamlined appearance. For instance, a sliding barn door between rooms provide an excellent way to provide a streamlined look without taking up additional space. They slide along the wall instead of swinging away from them.

5.      Furniture Style

Everyone is different. Some people prefer excitement, and they fill their homes with 1950’s space-age furniture. Other people like the simplicity of country life and may choose furniture made of wicker. Others love rich colors and an appreciation for history so they choose an Americana-themed home. Look at different styles of furniture and consider what you like. If you are a laid-back individual, you might actually like having a hammock in the middle of your living room.

6.      Consider the Outdoors

A recent trend in decorating involves building outdoor rooms. There are many reasons people do this: to keep the home cleaner, to keep the home cool and to entertain outdoors. There are some people who truly enjoy the outdoors. If you’re one of them, consider building an outdoor room. You might decide to put an outdoor bedroom there and convert your bedroom to a home office.

7.      Storage

When people decide to decorate their home, they seldom think of storage or where to put everything; however, it’s part of the process. For storage ideas, think of the places items can be stored. Think of walls, under beds, hanging from the ceiling, shelves and closets. Use whatever is available. Place items close to the areas they’re needed. For instance, create a pantry with pantry doors in the kitchen for food storage.

8.      The Garage

Many people don’t consider what to do with their garages either. The garage has many options as well. For instance, the concrete in it can be polished to a high shine. Custom-made cabinets help to put everything away in a tidy way, and it can help keep pests away. Consider what you want to do with your garage and decorate it accordingly.

9.      The Yard

The elements that make you feel most relaxed should fill up your yard. If you love flowers, fill the entire yard with them. If running water make you feel peaceful, consider having a fountain or a meandering stream.

10.     Know Your Risks Before You Start Decorating

A home has several things in it to consider. For instance, appliances insurance help to keep all the appliances in a home running efficiently. If one breaks down, it can be quickly repaired or replaced. Without this type of insurance, a home can experience horrible delays. If changing the décor means changing appliances, make sure they’re added to the warranty. Before beginning any renovation, make sure everything is covered. Things can break down, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.