When you’ve got stale bread that you can’t use for sandwiches, don’t let it go to waste. Even if you can’t use all of the breadcumbs you can create all at once, just store them in a plastic, resealable bag and throw them in the freezer to use for any of these recipes, courtesy of YumSugar:

  1. Baked Zucchini Fries: coat these yummy, and healthier “fries” in breadcrumbs for a nice snack.
  2. Bean Casserole Dish: use breadcrumbs to complete this frugal bean dish that’s great for a vegetarian dinner.
  3. Bind Veggie Burgers: when making your own veggie burgers, like this chickpea burger, breadcrumbs help to keep the patties together.
  4. Mac & Cheese Topping: no baked mac & cheese is complete without a breadcrumb topping. Michelle Obama even uses them in her mac & cheese recipe.

Check out more recipes over at YumSugar’s 10 Ways To Use Every Morsel of Your Breadcrumbs.