School might be starting and fall might be on the horizon, but for a lot, if not most, of us, summer’s heat is still in full-swing. That means we’re still on the look-out for ways to cool off and to enjoy the heat, not melt in it. After all, when it comes to smart cool-off hacks, better late than never, right? That’s why we were so excited to see these ideas from the geniuses at Household Hacker. Watch, then read on, for their great ideas for beating the heat while it’s still here. Some are classic, some are brand new, all are smart. Check them out!

Did you catch all of those ideas? No worries if you didn’t! That’s why we’re here to recap for you.

  • DIY Frozen Cups
Make ice cups with a plastic cup moldHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. The best – i.e. most fun and creative – way to keep your beverages cold? Drink them out of a cup made out of actual ice! Just make a mold out of plastic cups in two sizes, stabilize with a skewer, and freeze! You can also add food coloring to make them even more fun.


  • Packing Material Cooler
Make a cooler out of cardboard boxes and bubble wrapHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Have a bunch of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap lying around? Reuse those packing materials and turn them into a homemade cooler you won’t mind losing or damaging when you go camping or to sporting events. Just cut the bubble wrap the sizes of the box’s insides, seal the bubble wrap with aluminum foil, and stick in the box. Then you just have to add ice and your drinks, and you’re good to go!


  • DIY Ice Block
Freeze a plastic container filled with water to make a large ice blockHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Those of us with ice makers built into our freezers can take that readily-available ice for granted, but not everybody has that component in their kitchens! If you need a large amount of ice for any reason, the answer is simple: make an ice block! Just fill a large plastic container with water, and freeze. Household Hacker also adds food coloring for fun, but that’s totally optional.


  • Ice Fan
Put ice cubes in front of fan to cool offHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Is there anybody out there who


    1. know this classic trick?! It’s one we should ALL have up our sleeves, especially when we don’t have air conditioning. Cool off by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan. The air will move over the ice and it’ll feel SO refreshing when it hits you.


  • Ice Cream Block
Buy a large container of ice cream and flip upside down to serveHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Serving ice cream to a whole bunch of people? Serve it in fun and fabulous style by buying one of those big containers of basic ice cream at the grocery store. When it’s time to eat, dunk the container in warm-to-hot water for 15 to 30 seconds, then flip the container upside down on a large plate and pull it off the ice cream. You’ll be left with an block of ice cream that looks like

ice cream cake

    1. , but is so much easier!


  • Flower Pot Cooler
Make a drinks cooler by nestling too flower potsHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Keeping our beverages cool is pretty much our number one concern when we’re enjoying time outside. Yet another “cool” way to do it? Use terra cotta flower pots! Scoop some sand into a larger pot, and place the little one inside. Fill the gaps with sand, put the pots in the sun, cover with a towel, and wet the towel. Evaporation will cause a chilling effect that will keep whatever you put inside cool.


  • Juice Pack Slushies
Freeze juice packs to make homemade slushiesHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. You don’t need a fancy recipe to make homemade slushies! Just stick juice packs or boxes in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat, cut the tops off and enjoy!


  • Traditional Homemade Slushies
Make simple syrup and flavor with Kool-Aid to make slushiesHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Of course, if you want to make slushies the more traditional way, you can! Start by making a simple sugar syrup, and then use Kool-Aid to make it your favorite flavors. Grind up ice in a blender or food processor, then squeeze your syrup over scooped ice balls. Easy!


  • DIY Cooling Spray
Make a cooling spray with peppermint oil and waterHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. You know those fancy spray bottles they sell in amusement parks and at sports stadiums? Don’t waste your money on them when you can make your own! Just mix drops of peppermint oil – which has a natural, refreshing quality – with water in a simple spray bottle, shake to mix, and spray on yourself whenever you feel overheated. Simple.


  • Strawberry Lemon Ice Cubes
Freeze sliced fruit in ice cubes to make better refreshing iceHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    For a more refreshing drink, cut up strawberries and deseeded lemons into tiny pieces. Put the pieces in the compartments of an ice cube tray, add water as normal, and, if you want, flavored syrups or juices. The result will be pretty ice that adds a fruity twist to any drink.

So many simple and great ideas! Be sure to go back and watch the video for more details on how to do these tricks and to see them in action, then pick your favorite one to try. Which one will you attempt first? How long does the warm weather last where you live?