Nothing says Halloween season more than spooky, unexplained occurrences. If you love being creeped out every now and then, or need to solidify your place in the Skeptics’ Hall of Fame, then you’ll enjoy this.

Fair warning: the images in this video may haunt you, taunt you, or just make you laugh. As you watch and listen to the collection of creepy backstories that go along with these photos, you’ll probably want to do so when it’s not nighttime. Just saying. Learn from my mistake.

Some of these tales are true and have no explanation. Others are open-ended, prompting you to do your own research and arrive at your own conclusion. Either way, these photos and their modern legends will make you think. Here we’ve described five out of the ten. Enjoy some paranormal digging today!

  1. Newby Church Ghost

    A 1963 photo snapped of an altar in a North Yorkshire, England church hasn’t been creating a sense of peace. What looks like a hooded skeleton is said to be the ghost of a monk. Other pictures taken by the reverend are devoid of any other people, and the church was empty when he took the photos.

    Newby Church isn’t known to be haunted and the spirit hasn’t shown up since that picture was taken.

  2. Freddy Jackson

    If you’ve ever heard a ghost story, one of the things you’ll learn is that sometimes they keep doing things as if they were still alive, trapped in time. It seems that was the case with Freddy Jackson, a British airman who fought in combat. A 1919 picture of his squadron shows him standing in the back row – only he died two days earlier.

  3. Our Lady of Zeitoun

    spooky pics MaryTipHero

    Many tales exist about apparitions of religious figures appearing in front of crowds. One of the most famous sightings was caught on film in Egypt in 1968.

    Atop St. Mary’s Church in Cairo, Egypt, millions of people saw an illuminated figure believed to be the Virgin Mary. Surprisingly, all the witnesses were of mixed faith, including non-religious folks, and the sightings continued for three years.

  4. Babushka Lady

    Kennedy’s assassination continues to draw conspiracy theories and a mixed bag of opinions. One of the photos adding fuel to the conspiracy fire is of a woman nicknamed the “Babushka Lady”.

    She was seen standing on the grass, walking in the street, and is also assumed to have been filming during President Kennedy’s assassination. Though one woman claimed to be her, she was dismissed as being too young. It’s still unknown who this woman was, what she saw, and where she is.

  5. Mary Reeser

    The death of Mary Reeser still remains an open case in the St. Petersburg, Florida police department. A widow, Ms. Reeser was said to have fallen asleep in a chair while holding a cigarette. When her cremated body was found the next morning, what remained was one intact foot, the newspapers next to the chair, a part of her skull, and her ashes.

    It’s a mystery how only the spot where she was sitting was burned, and there was only a trace of soot on the wall. And what of the one foot? Nothing else in the apartment burned, and none of the other residents were affected by the fire. Spontaneous combustion? Or something else?

Remember that while photo editing software is easily accessible these days, it didn’t exist when these pictures were taken. Even if you’re not a hardcore believer in the paranormal, you’ve got admit that some of these beg further investigation. Have at it!

What do you think about these unexplained mysteries? Are you familiar with any of these stories? Are you interested in the paranormal?