Driving can be unsettling for many reasons, but few of us out there have to deal with extreme conditions like falling boulders, roaming animals, and mountainous highways with no barriers to speak of. If you think your morning commute across town is harrowing, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  1. Passage de Gois—Noirmoutier, France

    passage du goisTheRichest

    When crossing this particular road, timing is key! You see, this thoroughfare connects a small island to mainland France, but daily rising tides make the journey potentially treacherous. It’s impossible to pass during high tide because the street is literally UNDER WATER. If a car tries to cross, it may become stuck or completely submerged, and the driver will have to swim to shore.

  2. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road—Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece

    patiopoulo-perdikaki roadTheRichest

    If the long stretches of windy turns and sudden changes of elevation don’t get to you, then maybe the rough road, truck traffic, and wandering pedestrians will. Here’s a tip: don’t glance down at your phone on this motorway! It is meandering, hard to predict, and you may just end up at the bottom of a mountainside.

  3. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road—Luxor, Egypt

    luxor-al-hurghada roadTheRichest

    Unless you’ve got days of rations and some serious weaponry, it’s not advisable that you travel on this road. There are sections that are so isolated that it’s rare to see any fellow motorists, and if you do, they may be dangerous militants.

  4. Taroko Gorge Road—Taroko National Park, Taiwan

    taroko gorge roadTheRichest

    Though this may be one of the most beautiful highways on the list, it is also one of the deadliest! Taroko Gorge Road has expanses that are literally carved into ancient rock formations. In order to vacate this area safely, motorists must deal with narrow and curvy roads, loose boulders, and blind corners.

  5. Skippers Canyon Road—Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

    skippers canyon roadTheRichest

    Yet another example that illustrates the fact that gorgeous scenery and safe roads don’t always go hand in hand. Skippers Canyon Road was built into a mountain range—if the falling rocks don’t scare you, then the extremely narrow turns will. In fact, most of this road will not support two-way traffic. These pictures are even anxiety inducing!

  6. Halselma Highway—Northern Luzon, Philippines

    halselma highwayTheRichest

    If you absolutely have to take this highway, drive it in the springtime; otherwise, you will be dealing with heavy rains which erode the asphalt. When it’s not pouring, motorists are graced with pea soup fog which makes visibility next to impossible.

  7. Tianmen Mountain Road—Zhangjiajie, China

    tianmen mountain roadTheRichest

    Located in Tianmen National Park, this road is known for its breathtaking views—just don’t look over your shoulder for too long. Its extremely sharp turns could send you falling 1,100 feet over a cliff!

  8. Eyre Highway—Eucla, Australia

    eyre highwayTheRichest

    With a nickname like “Slaughter Alley,” you know that this is one highway that you don’t want to mess with. Though this road is well-maintained, it’s devoid of twists and turns, which makes motorists become sleepy and distracted.

  9. Karakoram Highway—China-Pakistan

    karakoram highwayTheRichest

    This modern marvel of a pass links China to Pakistan and is known as the “friendship highway.” Unfortunately, the road is plagued with environmental conditions such as heavy fog, sudden snowstorms, and flooding. This highway is also known to attract terrorist activity. Definitely cross this one at your own risk!

  10. Zoji La Pass—Kashmir, India

    zoji la passTheRichest

    Zoji La Pass is one highway that takes terrifying to a whole new level. With frigid blizzards, roaming livestock, traffic jams, hairpin turns, and extreme changes in elevation, you’d be lucky to cross this road without having a panic attack!

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