Is your fridge a hoarding space for dozens of almost-empty condiment bottles? You can clean out this clutter without wasting a drop by trying out some of these clever tricks from The Kitchn:

Pasta and Potato Salads

Here’s an easy way to use up mayo, mustard, relish, dressing, and/or other condiments to make unique dishes for group gatherings or your family’s dinner table.


Make the most of the end of grilling season by creating some interesting marinades for your meats:

[…]putting non-milk based condiments in a zip top bag with your proteins can be a great way to use up the end of a bottle. The only thing to keep an eye on is the amount of sugar you’ll be using (which can cause burning or grill flare ups). If it’s higher on the scale, use a low heat and cook things a little slower.

Pizza Sauce

Sure, pesto, marinara and olive oil are staples when it comes to making traditional pizzas, but why not have a little fun? Try making a dessert pizza with apple butter as the base. Or you could try an Asian style pizza as a way to use up extra duck sauce.

Pick a Starch, Any Starch

Adding flavors from your fridge to pasta or rice dishes is a great way to polish off a bottle. Try adding them when stir frying or pan frying at the last minute for a good zip of flavor!

How do you use up the ends of bottles of condiments in your fridge?

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