Whether or not you spend a little or a lot of time in the kitchen, these ten life-altering tips are going to save you time and make life cooking and cleaning easier. Some of these tips are shortcuts and others are so amazing they might be considered less a tip and more a magic trick. But you don’t have to be a Hogwarts alum to do them! Just watch this video and share these tips with your friends.   

Adulting is the worst! Do stale cookies drive you crazy? What about needing soft butter for the Game Of Thrones cookie recipe you’re bringing to a friend’s house in less than an hour? 

It’s not a stretch to say these are life-changing. No one wants to eat pieces of eggshells in their scrambled eggs – gross! And we saved you hours of Pinterest “research” by summarizing these tips all in one video.

  1. Put an end to slippery cutting boards

    Place a damp dishtowel or paper towel underneath a cutting board to keep it from slipping and sliding across the kitchen countertop. You can also use a kitchen towel instead of a paper towel.

  2. Easy corn husking

    Microwave the corn for 2 to 4 minutes. Cut off the stalk of each ear a few rows from the bottom, and the husk will come right off! Cutting through the cob can be a little tough, so make sure you use a strong and sturdy knife.

  3. Soften butter in a flash

    Keeping butter out on the counter for an hour isn’t exactly ideal for a tight schedule. To speed up the process, microwave a small bowl of water for 1-2 minutes until the water is hot, pour out the water, and place the empty hot bowl, upside down, over an unwrapped stick of butter for 1 minute for spreadable butter in a pinch.

  4. Brush avocado with oil to prevent browning

    You’ll never have to worry about browning again if you brush it with olive oil.

  5. Get more juice from citrus fruits

    Press and roll citrus fruits with the palm of your hand on a hard surface or microwave them for 10-30 seconds to make juicing easier. Microwaving is the clear winner.

  6. Easily remove the skin of a kiwi

    Cut half an inch off the ends of the kiwi. Take a soup spoon and insert it right between the fruit and the peel. Gently scoop out the flesh in a circular motion, being careful to stay as close to the peel as possible without breaking it.

  7. Peel garlic the fuss-free way

    Place cloves in a lidded container and shake. The skin will fall right off.

  8. Remove eggshell pieces 2 ways: with a wet fingertip or with an eggshell half.

    Gently ladle out the piece of shell with half of an eggshell. The shell acts as a magnet to draw up shell pieces. You can also use a moistened fingertip to help remove pieces of shell as well.

  9. Keep cookies – and their ingredients! – moist for days

    Save them from drying out by placing an apple slice in an airtight container with the cookies. The apple slice will hold in the cookies’ moisture. TIP: Do not let the apple slice touch the cookies.

    You can prevent brown sugar from drying out and hardening, too! To soften hard sugar cover with a damp paper towel and microwave.

  10. Easy-to-remove parchment paper muffin liners

    Cut 5-inch squares of parchment for regular muffin cups, or 6-inch squares for extra-large muffin cups.

Here are some other great kitchen and cooking tips that will definitely make your life easier!