Here Are 10 Decorative Ways to Paint Your Nails for the Holidays

Dressing “festive” for the holidays means different things to different people. It could mean getting dressed up in your Sunday best, possibly with the edition of a little sparkle. It could mean donning a Santa hat and an ugly Christmas sweater. It could mean matching family PJs. It could be all of the above on different days or for different events during the holiday season.

Whatever “festive” attire you plan to wear this holiday season, don’t forget about your fingernails. While you can never go wrong with a coat of red polish or a french manicure, if you want to get really festive, we suggest you kick it up a notch.

We’re talking about holiday nail art, and we’ve found not one, not two, but ten different holiday nail art designs that couldn’t be more festive. These ten designs include everything from holiday lights and Christmas trees to gingerbread men and Christmas pudding.

You don’t have to be an expert at nail art in order to pull off any of these festive designs either. The video below shows step by step instructions about how to create all of these holiday designs. You might be surprised how do-able nail art can be.

We love that some of the designs, like snowflakes and snowmen, aren’t limited to just a Christmas celebration but would be perfect all winter long.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create all of these holiday nail art designs.

Did you notice that there are ten different holiday designs in this video? That’s one for each finger! You could easily do a different design on every finger, the same design on every finger, or any combination in between.

If you don’t have time to paint all of your nails with nail art, you could even do a simpler option. Paint all of your nails the solid background color that goes with whichever nail art design you want to do. Then paint the nail art on one or two accent nails (like your ring finger and your pinky finger) to add a festive touch without a lot of effort.

While all of the nail art designs are super easy to do if you go slowly, you will need to pick up a couple tools like a stripper and a small and large dotting tool, depending on which designs you plan to replicate. You’ll also need polish in the appropriate colors.

Which holiday nail art design was your favorite? Do you usually paint your nails for the holidays?