Somehow, extra hangers always seem to pile up around the house. They come from the dry cleaners, new clothes purchases, or a few too many in a package. Maybe it’s time to give them a different job.

Fortunately, this is one of those items that can be repurposed easily. Professional organizers have loads of hanger tricks for the closet, but there are a few out there that put them to work somewhere else. Crazy Russian Hacker shares 10 clever hanger hacks that can help you save time, money, and hangers!

  1. Hang ‘Em Fast

    hanger hacks teesCrazy Russian Hacker

    Hanging multiple tees at once is perfect for people who want to get laundry put away fast. Slip your arm through the neck hole of all the shirts you can fit on it (5-6), one at a time. Grab a hanger and pop a shirt on it, repeating with a new hanger for each shirt.

  2. Non-Slip Hanger

    Make your own non-slip hanger with a glue gun! As shown in the video, drop a few dots of hot glue onto the angled parts of the hanger and allow to dry. Hang your garment without having to worry about it slipping.

  3. Chip Clip

    You know those plastic clipped hangers you bring home when you buy new pants? Well, you can snap or cut the clips off and use them to close your chip bags. If you lack brawn for snapping, use a tool that’s safe for cutting plastic.

  4. Paper Towel Holder

    hanger hacks papertowelsCrazy Russian Hacker

    It’s happened to all of us. The plastic hanger breaks down the center and you can’t hang anything anymore. But you can actually hang paper towels on it now, since it’s flexible enough to slide a roll in or out. Break one or recycle yours and hang it in the kitchen or on the grill like the Hacker. Boom!

  5. DIY Tier Hanger

    For your wire hangers, pop the tabs off some soda cans and use them to link multiple hangers together. Slip the hole of one tab onto the necks of wire hangers. Hang each garment’s hanger into the empty tab hole of the preceding hanger, into a tier. Continue to link hangers and garments together.

  6. Laptop Prop

    hanger hacks laptopCrazy Russian Hacker

    Need to prop a document up as you type on your laptop? Those nifty clip hangers can be carefully clipped to the border of your monitor for a makeshift stand. Clip one end onto the screen’s rim, and use the other for your paper.

  7. Wrinkle Repelling Jacket Hanger

    You’ll need a pool noodle, a pair of scissors, and some tape to rig these, but Crazy Russian Hacker tells us this hack will stave off wrinkles. Cut the noodle to fit a hanger’s angled arms. Slice the bottom of the noodle lengthwise. Using the hanger’s point, poke a hole where the noodle would fit and wrap around the hanger. Tape the ends to the hanger; the Hacker uses duct tape. Trim off any excess noodle.

  8. Padded Pants Hanger

    hanger hacks noodleCrazy Russian Hacker

    Use the same method as listed in hack 7, but cut another piece of noodle to fit the straight part of the hanger. Slice the bottom of it and slip it onto the hanging section, taping the ends down. Hang your pants and lower their risk of wrinkling!

  9. Cookbook Stand

    If you have a lightweight cookbook you need to refer to, the clip hangers come in handy. Just open the book and clip the sides open, hanging the book from the nearest cabinet door.

  10. Hang ‘Em Right

    Crazy Russian Hacker gives a tip to keep your pants from sliding off a hanger. Lay the pants flat and fold the bottom half of one leg over the hanger. The hem should touch the crotch of the pants. Lay the hanger down on top of the other pant leg. Pull the hemmed edge of the un-hung pant leg through the hanger, allowing the hem to face the waist. Match the creases together and hang them up!


There are probably tons of other ways you can repurpose hangers, especially when they come in so many different sizes. Get creative! Do you know any other ingenious ways to use hangers? What’s hanging on yours besides clothes? Tell us in the comments!