Even if you don’t take a whole lot of pictures, the camera on your phone can be a lot more helpful than you make think. Take a look at some of the ways you can save yourself some time, trouble and maybe even money just by using your phone’s camera.

  1. Mark Your Parking Spot: take a picture so that you don’t waste hours wandering around intimidating parking lots.
  2. Remember Fiddly Details: if you go to the store to replace something that requires knowledge of a size or model number, take a picture of the old one and bring your camera to the store with you. Guess work eliminated.
  3. Mark Your Property: take a picture of your name and address and lock it into your memory card. If your phone/camera gets lost, someone will know who to return it to and how.
  4. Retrace Your Steps: take pictures of each step when you take something apart to fix it so that you’ll remember exactly how to get it back together.
  5. Collect Evidence: having a picture of your car after a fender bender will help you remember details about the accident and will make an insurance claim a whole lot easier.
  6. Remember What’s in Your Wallet: take a picture of the inside of your wallet with just enough of each card visible to remember what’s in there if it ever gets lost or stolen.
  7. Outing With Kids: when you’re going to somewhere crowded (like an amusement park or a sporting event), snap a picture of your kids beforehand. That way, if you get separated, you’ll have a picture of the kids in exactly what they’re wearing.
  8. Product Bar Codes: if you see an item of clothing, appliance, or anything else that you love while you’re out shopping, take a picture of the bar code and product info. That way you can easily do some research later on to see if you can find a better price.
  9. Rental Cars: when renting a car, take a picture of the car and the license plate so you have no trouble finding it when you park it while you’re out and about.
  10. Wireless Passwords: keep a picture of your home’s wireless name and password so that you can text it to visitors.