Whether you’re in a pinch or looking to get creative, hot glue is the secret weapon you never knew you needed. No, it’s not just for making Popsicle stick castles at grandma’s house (although those were the best of times). Yes, it is like miracle substance that can do just about anything. Whether you’re fixing a fashion emergency, decorating, or just facing the small struggles of daily life, you’ll be shocked to hear that hot glue truly does it all! Watch the video below to learn 10 surprising new ways that you can hack hot glue.

But before we get to the hacks, we’re going to give you a quick tip to hack the hacks…confusing, we know.

1. Hack Your Glue

Adding extra glue sticks to your glue gun.HouseholdHacker

The most annoying part about using hot glue is having to reload the gun with a stick of glue when you’re in a rush – which, for most of these hacks, you are.

Keep your hot glue gun always prepared by gluing together a few sticks of glue. Load that bad boy up with an extra-long stick and you’re ready for any nuisances that come your way.

Look at that, hot glue guns can even hack themselves! Amazing.

2. Quiet a Door

Or a drawer or cabinet or whatever else slams so loudly in your house it gives you a migraine just thinking about it.

Create DIY drawer bumpers using tape and hot glue! Put a piece of tape wherever the point of contact is with the drawer/closet/ect., then add a layer of hot glue over the tape to act as a bumper. Bye, bye slamming doors.

3. Protect Your Walls

Make a stopper for your door using hot glue.HouseholdHacker

Wild doors aren’t just noisy, they have a tendency to bump your walls and leave dents and scratches, too. Not so pretty.

Create a temporary door stopper by hot gluing a water bottle cap to a piece of tape. Cover the cap in hot glue so it becomes a bouncy bumper, then tape your DIY fix behind your door handle.

4. Fix a Button

You’re rushing to get dressed when a button falls off your favorite top. Fashion emergency. No time to lose, bust out the hot glue!

Cut away any excess string, then place a dollop of glue where the button was sewed on. Carefully put the button down with some pressure onto the glue for a quick fix.

5. Hang a Perfect Picture

Giving your picture frame grip with hot glue.HouseholdHacker

Sometimes, even the most beautiful picture just won’t hang straight on your wall. Don’t put it in storage! Your frame just needs a little extra grip, brought to you by hot glue.

Put down two pieces of tape, one in each of the two bottom corners of your frame, then add a dot of hot glue to the tape. Once dry, this will act as a gripper to keep your frame on the wall firmly, even if it’s not perfectly straight.

6. Replace a Rubber Foot

How annoying is it when a perfectly good item loses its rubber feet? Not only will the item be wobbly, but it will most likely leave behind some scratches, too.

Make a quick replacement with a small mound of hot glue where the foot used to be. When the glue is dry, you’ll have a firm support to keep your item up and away from your surfaces.

7. Replace Table Stabilizers

Save glass tabletops with hot glue.HouseholdHacker

Similarly to your rubber feet, the rubber stabilizers on the supports of your glasses table help prevent the table frame from scratching your glass surface. If your rubber bumper is MIA, you can make one in a similar fashion as your DIY rubber foot!

Create little hot glue mounds where the rubber was under the glass to avoid scratching and chipping your nice tabletop.

8. Give Hangers Grip

It is beyond annoying when freshly washed clothes slip off your hanger and fall onto the not-so-clean floor. To prevent this, all you need to do is upgrade your hangers a little.

Put a line of hot glue on both sides of your basic hangers to give your clothes a little extra grip and prevent them from ending up crumpled on the floor.

9. Give Your Doormat Grip

Keep a doormat from slipping with hot glue.HouseholdHacker

Basically, everything in your home needs to get a grip. Your doormat is great for collecting dirt, but when it’s brand new? It can be a bit slippery and a bit dangerous.

Flip your doormat over to the underside and make a big pattern with hot glue, covering as much of the surface as you can. This will keep the mat on the floor and prevent you from being on the floor, too.

10. Refit a Ring

Sometimes a favorite ring just doesn’t fit anymore. Don’t rid of your jewels and don’t pay a premium to get it resized!

On a flat surface, make a mound of glue. While it’s still hot and tacky, roll your ring through the glue; you want a layer of glue to collect on the inside of the ring to fill up more space and give your ring a better fit. Once the glue has dried, you can remove it from the outside of the ring but NOT the inside. This will leave you with that perfect fit you’ve missed!

What do you think of these hacks? Do you use hot glue in a creative way? Share your ideas in the comments section below.