10 Tricks to Make Summer More Fun

What with the break from school, gorgeous weather, barbecues and tons of outdoor events, summer is already a TON of fun. So how do we make it even MORE enjoyable? With smart, creative hacks, of course! Household Hacker is here to show us ten, and they’re all a great time. Whether you want a mess-free ice cream cone, an easier way to relax with a drink in the pool, a safer method for slicing corn kernels or a faster way to fill water balloons, there’s a trick here that’s sure to help— plus much, much more. Watch, learn, and make it the best summer yet.


  1. Avoid air bubbles in your ice pops by using binder clips to store them upright in your freezer.
  2. Safely cut the kernels off of corn cobs by securing the cob in the center of a bundt pan to slice.
  3. Bake cookie dough on an upside-down muffin tin to make edible ice cream bowls.
  4. Attach pool noodles to the sides of a plastic container to make a DIY floating beverage cooler.
  5. Serve watermelon by carving away the green, then slicing the red flesh into rectangular slices. Fit a bowl over the pieces, flip, and stick in popsicle sticks for an easy treat.
  6. Fill an empty water bottle ⅓ of the way and freeze on its side. Once frozen, fill the rest of the way with water for portable, long-lasting cold hydration.
  7. Cut notches in a lidded plastic container to make a protective cover for outdoor extension cords.
  8. Slice a marshmallow in half and stuff it into a waffle cone for a tasty plug to catch melting ice cream.
  9. Use hydrobolic water launchers to quickly fill a bunch of water balloons.
  10. Build an easy rope swing with a pre-cut plywood round from the hardware store, a carabiner, and 20 feet of outdoor poly rope.

Tons of summer fun! Which trick is your favorite? We love the marshmallow ice cream plug and the floating “beverage boat.” Do you have any summertime hacks of your own to share?