The earlier that children learn how to handle money, the better. It’s important that you prepare them to handle themselves financially when they are older since habits, good and bad, are formed at an early age. Here are some shopping tips that you can start teaching your kids:

  1. How to Find Thrift Store Treasures: set aside an afternoon to take your kids to a thrift store. Show them how much they can purchase with their allowance as opposed to other stores. They’ll also need to really search for items they want/items that are good quality.
  2. Avoid Impulse Buys at the Checkout: explain that the store puts items here to try to get shoppers to spend more money. Almost everything here is something they don’t need.
  3. Brand Names Aren’t Always Best: show your children when you use a generic item at home so that they understand that they don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money in a lot of cases.
  4. Make a List and Stick to it: talk to your children about your list and get them involved with looking for items and crossing them off the list. Show them that sticking to the list will help them stay on track and avoid unnecessary items.

What are some important shopping lessons that you think children should learn early?

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