Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Nina Hoffman, the editorial director at RecipeLion.com.

There are lots and lots of Super Bowl facts out there, and people love to spout them. There are people who quote Super Bowl facts such as these practically in their sleep: Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy, and Tom Flores have each won a Super Bowl both as a player and a coach. Buffalo lost the Super Bowl 4 times in a row.

Here are some fun food-related Super Bowl facts:

  • People eat 14,500 tons of chips on Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t worry – here are some easy appetizer recipes to go with those chips.
  • The Monday after the Super Bowl, there is an average 20% increase in the sales of antacids. These easy appetizer recipes won’t send you running for antacids!
  • People consume 8 million pounds of guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday. Try something different for a change! These tasty guacamole recipes will tempt your tastebuds.

Here are 10 easy appetizer recipes sure to get your Super Bowl party rocking. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer chicken wings, veggie appetizers, bruschetta, or dips. Make a few of these easy appetizer recipes, and your Super Bowl party is sure to be the hit of the cul-de-sac!

Table of Contents

  1. Bruschetta Recipes
  2. Dip Recipes
  3. Recipes for Chicken Wings
  4. Seafood Appetizers
  5. Veggie Appetizers

Bruschetta Recipes

Easy Bruschetta Appetizer – Bruschetta is a classic Italian appetizer that is quick and easy. You can throw this easy bruschetta appetizer recipe together just minutes before your guests arrive and no one will know! This recipe is light and healthy, and serves as a great replacement for typical fried appetizers.

Cheesecake Factory Bruschetta – This copycat recipe is one of the most delicious recipes for one of the most simple appetizers – you can’t go wrong. Serve this Cheesecake Factory Bruschetta replica at your party for the big game.

Dip Recipes

Football Spinach Dip – This creamy spinach dip is perfect for chowing down while watching the big game. Dip toasted pita or your favorite regular chips into this flavorful recipe from Chef Shannah Spencer, sister of New England Patriots Defensive End Jarvis Green.

White Mexican Cheese Dip – If you want to know how to make Mexican white cheese dip, here is the easiest way possible. It’s good and it’s easy. What more could you ask for?

Recipes for Chicken Wings

Hot-n-Easy Buffalo Chicken Wings – Chicken wing recipes are always good, and these are hot and easy. To make them even hotter, make an additional8 ounces of sauce. To make them REALLY hot, or “suicide” wings, add another 8 ounces of sauce, plus a cup of diced jalapenos and a teaspoon of cayenne. Hot stuff!

Royal Hot Wings – For hot wings with their own special brand of zing, try these made with Crown Royal. You won’t be disappointed!

Seafood Appetizers

Coconut Shrimp Appetizer – Coconut pairs beautifully with fried shrimp and provides a tropical flavor that your guests will love. This recipe includes a honey mustard horseradish dipping sauce to add a little zing to this finger food.

Tequila Shrimp – Shrimp appetizers are great because they are super easy to make and serve. This marinated shrimp appetizer recipe will blow you away with flavor. Shrimp appetizers are guaranteed to please.

Veggie Appetizers

Cheesy Spinach Triangles – Creamy, herb-infused cheesy spinach triangles will be a hit at your next Super Bowl party – or any gathering. They get snapped up fast, so consider a double batch!

Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms – Appetizer recipes are always fun to make, and these Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms are no exception. Using the precooked sausage patties from Jones Dairy Farm makes the whole process really easy, and the result is a super-tasty appetizer.