10 Tricks Dads in the Know Use to Make Life Easier

Listen up, dads! There are all kinds of “mom hacks” out there, but with Father’s Day fast-approaching, we thought it was time to highlight some fatherly ingenuity. These tips come to us from What’s Up Moms, and they cover everything from making better ponytails to lighting candles to having better sports practices. Whether you’re a father, a mother, a grandparent or the babysitter, there’s a trick or two here you’re bound to love. Some are practical, some are silly, and they’re ALL dad-approved. Check them out and have some fun!

10 Dad-Approved Hacks

  1. Use a pipe cleaner for easier, tighter ponytails.
  2. Get a “deep tissue massage” by drawing a road map on the back of an old T-shirt, then encouraging your kids to drive their toy cars over it while you wear it.
  3. Use uncooked spaghetti and the stove to light a candle.
  4. Want to play video games? Remove the batteries from one of the controllers and give that one to your child. They can “play” with you without affecting your game!
  5. For better ball game practices, use old shoe inner soles to map out foot placement, a paint bucket to collect and carry small balls, and a mesh laundry bag to carry larger balls.
  6. Make a floating cooler for the pool by cutting pool noodles to fit snugly on the edges of a plastic container filled with ice.
  7. Use a can opener to open tough toy packaging.
  8. Use newspapers to clean windows without leaving residue behind.
  9. Collect tiny toys by placing a dress sock over a vacuum cleaner hose, then suck up the small pieces. They’ll be collected in the sock!
  10. Use an (obviously unplugged) extension cord to extend your reach for easier, lazier swing-pushing.

Fun! Which of these dad-approved tricks are you going to try first?