10 Creative Ways to Stretch the Green in Your Diet

According to Health Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables, leafy veggies are ideal for managing weight, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, protecting your eyes, improving immune function, etc. The list goes on and on. Are you a fan yet?

If you’re like me and love buying plenty of fresh leafy greens, then you end up throwing away rotting remains before you’ve had the chance to use them. Michelle from Find Your Balance has come up with 10 ways that we can get the most out of our greens. She’s even found ways to sneak greens into meals for picky eaters. Using her tips, you’ll be able to use all of the greens you buy and make healthier, more inventive meals.

Here are the 10 ways she suggests you gobble your greens:

  1. Make ’em the Main Event: fill a plate with sautéed greens and add chickpeas, chopped veggies, nuts and herbs. It’s like a salad, but cooked!
  2. Whiz, Bang, Pesto: substitute leafy greens in your pesto recipe
  3. Soup it up: add greens to soups in the last 10 minutes on the stove
  4. Wrap it up: use stemless collard greens to wrap your sandwich with. Healthy alternative to bread!
  5. Raw and Smooth: blend raw greens with fruit to make delicious smoothies
  6. Create Visual Appeal: chop up greens into tiny pieces and sprinkle on any meal
  7. Go Half and Half: serve sautéed greens with take-out pizza and other easy meals
  8. Salad Bar Night: make one big salad green mixture and lay out the fixin’s for a buffet style dinner
  9. Get Roasty Toasty: bake kale chips or roasted cabbage in the oven instead of always relying on the stovetop
  10. Hide and Seek: chop up greens and add them into meatballs or empanadas

Using Michelle’s article, get creative with your greens and start reaping the many benefits of greens in your diet. Be sure to share your findings with us!

Check out her full article at 10 Ways to Gobble Your Greens