Chances are you’ve got either a few extra buttons hanging around in a jewelry box or drawer or a ton of extra buttons taking up space in your sewing kit or craft area. Either way, here are some inventive ideas for reusing them that don’t involve clothing:

  1. Frames: if you find an old frame that you think is too boring or ugly to use, think again. Try using a glue gun and buttons to make a cool frame that could end up looking brand new.
  2. Magnets: just head down to your local supply store and pick up some magnetic tape. Cut a piece to fit the size of the button and glue or tape together.
  3. Jewelry: get creative with buttons and you can make anything from simple drop earrings to bracelets and necklaces.
  4. Button Tree: these button trees are apparently all the rage, and you can easily make your own with some canvas, paint and extra buttons.
  5. Flower Vase (and Flowers):

    If you have a vase, take a hot glue gun and arrange the buttons all the way to the top. If your vase is round, use the smallest buttons to glue on. If you don’t actually have any flowers to add to the vase, try using the remaining buttons to make this adorable button bouquet from Family Fun magazine.

For more great ideas, head over to Wise Bread’s 10 Ways to Reuse Buttons.