10 Cool Hacks to Improve Your Summer

Instructables has put together a great list of hacks that will make the rest of your summer easier and more enjoyable. Most of these tricks are pretty awesome, but here are the ones that save you money:

  • Getting Rid of Ants Naturally: blend popcorn kernels for 30 seconds to make your own cornmeal. Make a few piles around ant trails to get rid of your ant problem.
  • Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally: put leftover fruit in a small tupperware dish. Cover with plastic wrap and poke a small hole int he top. When you’ve trapped enough fruit flies, just put the top on the tupperware.
  • Create a Safe Container for Money at the Beach: use an old shampoo container to hide your valuables while at the beach.

Check out all 10 tips here:

Source: Instructables via Lifehacker