10 Cheap and Yummy Marinade Recipes

There’s nothing like a good (easy) marinade to create differently tasting meals out of the same food items. By simply planning ahead and marinating a piece of meat, for example, you’ll create a wonderful and unique flavor for it. Here are some great ideas from Wise Bread:

Zesty Dijon

Chances are that you’ve got all of the ingredients to make this zesty marinade right now! All you’ll need is balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper and crushed garlic. Try using this on a skirt steak for optimal flavor.

Ginger-Soy Marinade

Want to give your dish an Asian kick? This recipe combines the bold flavors of ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup and hot pepper sauce to create a marinade that’s perfect for steaks and stir-frys.

Red Wine Marinade

Looking to use up some of your leftover red wine? Here’s a great marinade that involves diced onions, orange zest, fresh rosemary, red currant jelly, salt and pepper. You can use this on a variety of things, like tofu, salmon, chicken, duck, pork, and flank steak.

Find more easy and delicious marinade ideas over at Wise Bread’s 10 Cheap and Delicious Marinades.