Husband Surrpises Wife with Her Dad’s Old Camper

Surprises are not easy for everyone. Myself, for instance? I can’t keep a secret for my life. I love end-of-movie spoilers, and I tell everyone (who wants to know) what I got them for every holiday weeks in advance. That’s just me. But this husband is not that kind of person — in fact, he might be the exact opposite! He planned and pulled off an ingenious surprise for his wife without her even having a suspicion.

The surprise begins with a family tradition, one that wife Kris Farish had always held near and dear to her heart. When Kris was only 12 years old, her father, who was an Arkansas state trooper, died tragically in a car accident. But despite this tragic event, life on the road was part of her father’s legacy.

One of the things the Farish family loved to do was go road tripping in their big, bulky old camper. Many memories had been made with Kris’ late father in that camper, so many that the family stopped using it after his death. After years of going unused, the family finally sold the camper, never to see it again.

Until now.

15 years later, Kris is married to a man named Micah and together the happy couple have two kids together. Although Micah wasn’t there for his wife’s childhood, she had told him all about the wonderful memories that had been made in that camper, in the same way she tells Inside Edition.

“All the happy memories from my childhood, all the wonderful memories I have from before my father passed away are in that camper,” Kris told the cameras.

Photo of the camper with Mr. Farish.InsideEdition
Knowing that, her husband knew how much it would mean to Kris to see the old camper again, a little piece of her dad that could remind her of all their wonderful times. So he set out on a mission to hunt down this camper…which, understandably, was not easy.

After his initial search, Micah realized that trying to track down a camper that had been sold 15 years previously was going to prove even more difficult than expected.

“It was basically gone,” He told Inside Edition. “There wasn’t really any hope of getting it back.”

But the husband didn’t stop, despite the odds. Micah went rifling through some old paperwork and found the vehicle identification number, which he then used to track the camper. Miraculously, it hasn’t been impounded or destroyed in any way; it was registered to a couple in California. He had found the Farish family’s old camper, at last.

Then, Micah did something I couldn’t have done: he told a white lie to hide the secret. He told Kris he was attending a bachelor party, when really he was flying to California to buy back the old camper for his wife. She had no idea until the moment he came home, grabbed her, and told her he had a surprise for her outside.

To see Kris’ reaction to this touching surprise, you have to watch the Inside Edition video below. Trust us, you’ll want to — but make sure to have some tissues on hand!

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