20 Unconventional Ways to Use Mason Jars

Good old mason jars. Great for storage, drinks or adding some rustic decor to your home, the mason jar craze refuses to die down. But, at this point, you’ve probably done all you can do with these handy jars, right? We think not. To get some ideas of unexpected and new ways you can use your mason jars, check out this list of 20 inventive crafts for our favorite all-purpose decoration.

  1. Yarn Dispensers

For the knitter, tap a whole in the top of a mason jar for a cute and organized way to store your yarn.

2. Terrarium

Perfect for science projects or a woodsy touch  to your home, bring a little life to your mason jars with these at-home terrariums.

3. Picture Frames

Frames can get surprisingly expensive. For a cheap and original way to display photos, use upside down mason jars. (Also, take a moment to appreciate how interesting some of these examples pictures are).

4. Soap Dispensers

So much better than that plastic dispenser you have on your counter now! I have done this craft before and I can attest that it really gives your bathroom a whole new feel.

5. Replacement Blender

If your blender breaks (and if you’re anything like me, the odds are pretty high that it might) your blade piece will fit onto certain sizes of mason jars! Get a feel for the size jar you’ll need and spend close to nothing to fix your blender, as opposed to spending a LOT more for a whole new appliance.

6. DIY Sewing Kit

If you have a need for a sewing kit, you’re probably pretty crafty. You’ll be thrilled then to take on this project and create a cute, organized sewing kit for future crafts. It’s a craft for a craft. It’s like craft-ception.

7. Bathroom Storage

Remodeling your bathroom? If you’re going for a cool, rustic feel, make sure to try this project for extra storage.

8. Plant Hanger

If you don’t have a balcony or porch but you love hanging plants, try this spin on your regular plant hanger.

9. Pizza in a Jar

And here we all thought pizza couldn’t get any more wonderful. Get this recipe here and prepare yourself for the best pizza night ever.

10. DIY Vases

Make personalized vases that perfectly match your decor with mason jars and acrylic paint. Get the full tutorial here.

11. Fireflies in a Jar

No, they’re not real fireflies. In three simple steps, you can have these beautiful (and may I say, kind of trippy) mason jar decorations.

12. Cupcake in a Jar

Because we just can’t get enough of food in mason jars! These cupcake jars are perfect gifts for a party or even for the holidays.

13. Hanging Lights

There are so many ways to incorporate mason jars into your lighting for any event or just for your home. Check out this list for some bright mason jar ideas.

14. Banish Mosquitoes

This may not be a problem in these chilly winter months, but remember back in July when you were cursing mosquitoes? Next summer, try this amazing mason jar trick to get those suckers away.

mason_mosquito_jar_horizontal_cropRay @ TipHero

15. Lava Lamp

Right on, man. These DIY lava lamps are easy, safe and fun for the whole family!

16. DIY Luminary

Perfect for the holiday season, trace a design on the outside of a mason jar and pop in a candle for a beautiful homemade luminary.

17. Lid Ornaments

While you may not be using the ENTIRE mason jar, this adorable tutorial shows us how to make cheap and very simple ornaments.

18. Mason Jar Salad

A very popular trend, mason jar salads keep your greens fresh and make for a quick, healthy lunch that won’t leak! To learn how to make this salad correctly, read here.

19. Table Settings

These jars make for adorable table settings – without the hassle of perfectly folding napkins and wondering which side the knife goes on.

20. Pencil Sharpener

No more pencil shavings everywhere! This DIY pencil sharpener is the cutest way to keep your pencils sharp and your work space clean.