14 Stunning Ways to Use Ladders in Your Home

When a ladder can’t be used for it’s primary purpose anymore (a.k.a. safely letting you complete painful chores like cleaning the gutters), you might feel inclined to take it right to dump. But before you go right to demolition, take a look at these 14 clever ways you can use your old ladder elsewhere around your home and yard! These tricks are especially perfect if you’re going for a rustic or country feel for your home; ladders act as the perfect cheap and effortless piece of rustic décor to pull together that vintage vibe.


  1. DIY Closet

  2. Kitchen Rack

  3. Laundry Area

  4. Rustic Basket Storage

    Baskets EditedI Heart Shabby Chic
  5. Wine Rack

  6. Bookshelf

  7. Ladder Garden

  8. Lantern Decor

  9. Bath Tray

  10. Coat Rack

  11. Birdhouse Display

  12. Christmas Tree

  13. Shoe Rack

    14. Ladder Trellis

Will you reuse your old ladders to accomplish any of these DIYs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.