A boyfriend and girlfriend team almost get away with their criminal scheme but were caught after the fact. Maxine Feldstein, of Arkansas, was arrested for helping her boyfriend break out of a California jail.

She didn’t break down the walls or melt the bars, but the 30-year-old impersonated a Ventura County sheriff’s deputy and pretended to extradite her inmate beau. Last summer, Feldstein showed up at the Washington County Detention Center to have her boyfriend, Nicholas Lowe, released.

Upon Lowe’s instruction, she showed up wearing a uniform and carrying forged paperwork that verified his release to her “jurisdiction” in another California county. Officers believed the paperwork to be real and let him go.

According to Fox 13, the woman called the jail hours before she showed up and identified herself as a deputy who was on her way to pick up the inmate. Feldstein herself had just been released from jail earlier that day.

The two lovebirds were later apprehended by Arkansas authorities and Feldstein was charged with forgery, criminal impersonation, and third-degree escape. She was just sentenced to 15 years in prison. Lowe also faced additional charges.

Find out how officers finally discovered their mistake by watching the video below.

What are your thoughts on this real-life story and its feature players? Can you believe the couple almost got away with this?