We have a question for you: When you brew yourself a cup of tea, do you toss the tea bag in the garbage when you’re done with it, or do you try to reuse the tea bag in a different way?

Did you even know you could reuse it in another way? There are actually lots of ways to do so.

For one, tea bags are a great way to get relief from a sunburn. Spent too long at the beach without sunscreen and are paying for it now? Just take that used tea bag and drop it into some water or put it in a spritz bottle, if you have one. Then douse your sunburn in it. The antioxidants from the tea can help soothe the pain!

Or did you know that a simple tea bag could act like an aromatherapy treatment in a bath? All you do is hold the tea bag over the faucet while you draw your bath, and the aroma will fill your bathroom, which will be strong enough to give off a relaxing scent.

A used tea bag can even be used to give a little more flavor to your dinner by using it to marinade your meat and give it a savory taste. Just add it to the marinade and you’ll notice a little flair to your dish.

As you can see, you should never just toss your tea bag, since there are so many ways to use it, even after your cup of tea.

One of the coolest uses for a used tea bag, we think? Is burying it in your yard.

First off, tea leaves can add a lot of nutrients to your soil. Most of them contain a tannic acid and nutrients that act as natural fertilizers for a garden. Jus keep in mind that because of tea‘s acidity, it may not be beneficial for plants that require neutral or alkaline soil.

They’re also great for keeping bugs away from your plants. These pests actually hate the smell of tea, so they’ll immediately turn around without disturbing any of your flowers or veggies. It also keeps cats away, in case you have any issues with them urinating on your items (it happens!).

Tea bags can also help fight fungus in your garden. Probably for the same reasons tea can help a sunburn, tea bags also have strong anti-fungal properties for plants. Take that tea bag spritzer you made and spray it all over your plants, and you’ll eliminate this issue.

Another great reason for burying your tea bags is that it helps impede the growth of weeds. So that means no more ghastly looking weeds growing among your begonias, and no more work for you yanking them out with your hands!

There are so many other ways tea bags can help your garden, but you’ll have to check out this video below to find out what they are. Trust us, it’s totally worth it!

Are you a gardener? Have you ever buried your tea bags in soil before? Have you noticed any kind of benefits to doing so?