Everyone loves donuts, but few people love how difficult traditional donuts are to make at home. Between making the dough and deep frying them just right in oil, this is typically one labor-intensive dessert. In fact, these treats are so tricky to make, you have to wonder if they’re ever worth the homemade touch. (Sorry donuts, forgive my blasphemous words.)

But if you’ve ever had these doubtful thoughts, you need never question your desire for donuts again! When you have this simple, brilliant two-ingredient recipe, you can make donuts anytime and out of anything.

Literally. The flexibility of this recipe makes it so you can make so many fun flavors out of essentially anything.

The formula of this clever recipe is using one soft ingredient (of your own devising) and a boxed cake mix. This allows you to really play around with an incredible amount of flavor combinations, as LittleThings shows with a few of their own amazing flavors combos!

Our favorites? It’s hard to choose between applesauce and yellow cake mix, canned pumpkin and chocolate cake mix, or bananas and strawberry cake mix. Any of these duos make for an amazing explosion of flavor and also create an easily malleable mix, which is perfect to spoon or squeeze out into a donut pan.

All three donut flavors combinations.LittleThings
Make sure to check out the LittleThings video below to get the full instructions on these two-ingredient donuts. But, spoiler alert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly these little guys bake!

When it comes to topping off your donuts, the world is still your oyster. Are you sensing a theme with this recipe?

Purchasing frosting and melting it down would make for a perfectly drizzle, or just slapping on a layer of the good stuff straight from the can. Have fun sprinkling on jimmy’s, crushed cereal, fruit, chocolate chips, or anything your heart desires.

Since this donut recipe is so flexible with flavors and with toppings, these are the perfect treat to whip up for any party.

Can you imagine making applesauce donuts maybe with a cinnamon cake mix and a caramel topping? How perfect for a fall-themed party! Or that pumpkin twist with a pumpkin spice topping? Perfect for your friends who are obsessed with everything PSL.

If not flavors, use red cake mix (or food coloring) to make some festive holiday donuts, or the strawberry cake mix recipe to whip up treats for your Valentine! The options are limitless, but they all have a delicious end result.

What do you think of this simple donut recipe? Will you try this two-ingredient treat from LittleThings? Share your thoughts and your favorite flavor combination in the comments section below.