Tiny houses are fascinating. We love seeing how many features can be packed into such a small space. It’s also interesting seeing how some of them can have full kitchens, amazing bathrooms, and crazy-cool storage spaces.

It seems that many of the people that are drawn to tiny houses love the idea of living off the grid, living a simpler lifestyle, and being able to simply pick up their house and drive to a new location (since many tiny houses are built on trailers).

It also seems that many of the people who are drawn to tiny houses are single or a couple without children. While we have seen some families with children create a tiny house that will work for their family, it seems to be the exception to the rule. The idea of having 3 or more people living in a 200 or even 400 square foot space sounds almost impossible, or at least a little crowded.

Let’s be honest. We love the idea of living green, but we also like room to stretch our legs, and we like to cook, so we need a full kitchen.

If that’s you, then you have another option. The Flex House is designed specifically for people who like the idea of a tiny house but who don’t want it to be quite so tiny.

The Flex House, which Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is 760 square feet, which would be a mansion in tiny house terms. Green Builder Media CEO, Sara Gutterman, said, “We live big here in America, but at the same time there’s a growing awareness about resource conservation. What I like about the Flex House is we’re not asking people to sacrifice; we’re just asking people to not use any more room than they need.”  

There certainly seems to be plenty of space. The house features a full kitchen with 24” appliances, a stackable washer and dryer, a built-in dining area, living spaces, a bathroom, a master bedroom and another room that could be used as a 2nd bedroom (perfect for the kiddos) or an office. No climbing up a ladder to a loft to go to sleep in this house.

This home is also very, very smart. It comes with the Amazon assistant built-in which means things like a smart lock, a smart doorbell, and a smart thermostat come standard.

The Flex House also includes many sustainable living features like a low-flow plumbing system and an electric vehicle charging station. Want to live off the grid? You’re going to love the Jinko solar system that allows you to do just that.

The base model of the Flex House will start at $85,000, and it can be delivered to you in about 8 to 12 weeks.

Would you want to live in the Flex House?