Do your kids just love teddy bears? I mean, who didn’t love teddy bears when they were a kid? Cuddly and fun, the teddy bear was a best friend for some kinds growing up, and the stuffed animal has a special place in all our hearts. If you have a children’s birthday party coming up or if your kids love their teddies, you absolutely have to make this teddy bear cake! It’s so simple to make, with no fancy baking tools required, and your kids are going to love how it comes out when your finished. Watch the video below to see how the recipe is done!



All you need to start is regular round cakes – naturally, you can choose any type of cake you’d like and any frosting you’d like for the color of the bear’s fur. This baker went with yellow cake and a light brown frosting, which we personally think is spot on!

The only tedious thing about this process with be frosting the cake. To make the frosting look like teddy bear fur, you’ll need a piping bag and an appropriate tip, and it will take a chunk of time getting this aesthetic all over your cake. We’ve broken down what you’ll need and the steps to take below.


– Round cakes, pre-made
– Base frosting, any kind
– Piping bag
– Piping tip, for hair affect
– Modelling chocolate


1. Bake your 2-3 round cakes. Frost and stack them as if you were making a regular tiered cake. Put cake in the fridge to chill for 15 minutes.
2. While cake it chilling, prepare your modelling chocolate. She has three different colors: tan for the nose and ears, black for the eyes, and pink for the bows. You can use whatever colors you want, and dye the chocolate if you need to.
3. Shape the tan chocolate for the ears and snout, the black chocolate for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and cut the pink chocolate into strips to tie into an edible bow.
4. Remove the cake from the fridge and place on the ears and snout. Proceed to add the “fur” around the chocolate using your piping bag. Make sure to leave space for the eyes.
5. Add you chocolate eyes, the nose, mouth, and bow for the finish touch!