How clumsy are you when it comes to your morning coffee? Because let me tell you—I drop pretty much everything, including my morning coffee. And dropping your morning coffee is almost as bad as dropping your own child, right?

In all seriousness, if you’ve ever cried over spilled coffee (I’m obviously very guilty of this), we have the perfect solution. It’s called the Mighty Mug Go, and it’s a travel mug that is virtually impossible to tip over. That’s right, spills are completely in your past with this thing!

The secret to this no-tip is mug is its innovative and patented smart grip technology. When you place the mug down on a surface or in your car, “it creates a powerful airlock which allows it to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills,” according to the company.

So what happens when you want to take a sip? When you lift the mug up, the airlock releases and the mug is able to lift up—like magic! “You need to try it to believe it,” the company prods.

The mug holds 30 ounces of coffee, or whatever your beverage of choice is, and fits perfectly in the cup holder of your car.

The mug is vacuum-sealed and lined with copper insulation so it keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for hours on end.

The design is sleek and slender, and comes in a variety of colors—so as a bonus, it complements your very outfit!

Customers can’t get enough of this mug. Whether they bought it for themselves or a loved one, everyone is thrilled about the lack of spills it offers.

“Bought this for my accident-prone co-worker. It has already saved us from cleaning up a mess when her purse slid off the desk while looped around this coffee mug. The mighty mug was able to support the weight of her heavy purse. Very impressed and totally worth the money!” someone wrote after purchasing it on Amazon.

Someone else was able to tell us how great it works: “Unless you are planning to beat the mug until it falls over, this item works as designed. I’ve bumped it several times without spills. It picks up off my desk just like a regular travel mug and unless I tell people it’s spill-proof, no one can tell the difference between it and my other travel mugs,” they wrote.

This woman bought it for her blind husband! How amazing: “My husband is blind, so this mug works really well for him,” he wrote. “He used to spill coffee at least once a week on his desk at work, but now the mug prevents that issue. Thanks a ton.”

If these raving reviews aren’t incentive enough to buy one, you might just have to see it for yourself. Check out the video below to see the mug in action and then buy yours here!

We can’t wait to get our hands on our very own Mighty Mug Go! How about you—will you be buying your non-tippable mug for you or a friend?