Whether they admit it or not, children want their parents’ love and acceptance. They want their parents involved in their lives, even when they’re teenagers. They don’t want their parents to be judging them and critical of every decision they make, but they definitely want them in their lives.

Sometimes it can be hard for parents to relate to their kids if they don’t have similar interests, but we definitely applaud parents who find ways to make it work anyway. Sometimes it means saying “yes” to something you’d rather say “no” to doing if anyone but your own child asked the question.

One example we think of is dads who let their little girls give them makeovers. These little girls don’t really know what they’re doing, but they’re having fun. Dad is like their blank canvas. From pigtails to lipstick, some dads will bear it all for the sake of the smiles on their daughters’ faces.

Nowadays, girls aren’t always the only ones who are into makeup. Sometimes boys wear makeup too. One example is 15-year-old Ethan Peters, a beauty blogger who is much better at applying makeup than we were at 15.

His dad does not wear makeup, but we’re sure that he loves and respects his son. Why? He let his son give him a makeover, and he even let his son record it.

Honestly, we don’t know very many dads who would let their kids record the process of doing their makeup.

Ethan’s dad sits calmly through the entire process. We can guess that this is probably the first time he has experienced some of these things, like having fake eyelashes applied.

Ethan does a flawless job on dad’s makeup, and dad owns the experience, even letting his hair down at the end for a big reveal.

The video has now gone viral, and there are many positive comments. For example, one person wrote, “This is a parent loving his child and supporting his child’s talent. They both looks so happy. Life is too short and this father and son are living their best moments now… so proud of them.”

Another comment reads, “I am not quite sure why, but this made me cry. I guess I am elated with the love and acceptance this father has for his son. Kudos, Dad!!”

Watch Ethan give his dad a makeover in the video below.


Have you ever given your dad a makeover?